ArtyA Shams Bicolor - Precious Black 1/1

02/03/2017 by
Yvan Arpa started fiddling around with skulls at a time when doing so was still held to be beyond the pale in watchmaking. Since then, as everyone knows, this particular symbol of life and death has been widely used right across the industry.
Now ArtyA’s CEO and designer has gone to the other extreme by taking on a prevailing trend in watchmaking aesthetics – the skeleton watch – and giving it the full ArtyA treatment.
The result goes by the name of Shams, meaning Sun in Arabic.

The story is that of the sun – Shams in Arabic.  The aim of a skeleton is to  reveal the movement, workings and mechanical beauty  in all their glory. But that requires light. What better source of light could there be than the one that has given us life –  the  sun?  Once  again,  ArtyA  reconciles  extremes  and  opens  up  a  new  creative  path,  combining  a movement clad in the absolute minimum with all the warmth of a life-giving heavenly body. 

There  are  different  versions  on  offer,  in  limited  editions  &  Unique  pieces  1/1.  They  share  the  same 44mm  steel, Black  PVD,  Chocolate  &  Blue  (2016  novelties)  and  Gold  case,  as  well  as a  Swiss  Made movement with a 52-hour power reserve.

Today,  ArtyA  Proposes  a  new  version:  the  Shams  Bicolor:  a  black  case  with  an  18k  gold  bezel,  18k gold  crown,  18k  gold  lateral  inserts  and  18k  gold  back  screws  married  with  black  horns  and  open back. 

They all have one thing in common – ArtyA’s secret signature on the jumper, a letter A formed by the lines.