ArtyA Son of Sea Tourbillon

02/27/2017 by

In this groundbraking New 2017 Collection, ArtyA is proud to introduce a very unique hand made dial, 1/1, manufactured with seabed treasures, natural pigments, gold leaves, real butterfly wings & fish scales to depict these new fanciful and fabulous underwater sceneries

After the discovery of the fantastic herbarium in the 1900’s by Mr. John Briquet. The well reknowed Dominique Arpa-Cirpka decided to create her own collection of Mediteraneen seaweeds by integrating them in the dial composition of the delicate Son of Sea "Capri Collection".

As a subtle complement to the very unique Son of Earth Butterfly Collection realized with real butterfly wings. The ArtyA Son of Sea fits in with elegance and sophistication the incredible colors of the butterflies wings.

As Thalès said water is the primary originating principle of everything and ArtyA could not resist to give its modest tribute and vision with its latest Son of Sea from the powerful, fragile,  serene and beautiful Seas.