Enchanted Master Bedroom By Memoir

04/06/2017 by

The bedrooms should be the most important room in the house, it marks our personal space, gives us the rest and comfort we seek and makes the house we look forward to coming back to. Just the thought of going back home and sleeping in a comfortable bed, surrounded by everything that offers you peace to brighten up one’s mood.

Thinking about well-being and luxury at the same time, Memoir created two beautiful and charming pieces to decorate and give comfort to the Master Bedroom: Lust Bed and Honor Gradient Bedside Table.

These pieces are a celebration of softness and sophistication. You can quickly create a calming atmosphere due to the neutral colors that the furniture presents. To create these beautiful and glamorous pieces, Memoir made a selection of very noble materials such as brass, velvet, silver leaf and high gloss varnish.