Goway is pleased to expand its boutique cruise offerings to include the iconic Strand Cruise, an extension of the newly-renovated Strand Hotel, Yangon, founded in 1901.

Starting from US $902 / CA $1213, the Strand Cruise is the ideal offering for 4-star and 5-star passengers on a weeklong Myanmar tour, sailing the Irrawaddy River between the ancient capitals of Bagan and Mandalay, with custom land arrangements on either end of their cruise.

The 28-cabin luxury ship was completed in 2015 and was designed to encourage social interaction that originally made the Strand Hotel so famous, with comfortable and spacious public areas, frequent cocktails and social events, and long tables in the restaurant to allow for communal dining. Cabin suites are enhanced with the latest technology, such as individually-controlled air conditioning, and each of the suites have the services of a round-the-clock butler while on board.

The Strand Cruise has access to private moorings in prime locations along the Irrawaddy, allowing more time for tours and cruising on the river. Aside from a private, air-conditioned mini bus for a long tour, all other means of transportation are local and diversified, characterizing traditional Myanmar life. This includes everything from tuk tuks in Mingun to horse-drawn carts in Ava.

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For reservations and information, visit http://www.goway.com, or call 1-800-387-8850.