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Ideas to refresh your dining room

If your dining room is the one place in your house that you get the most family time, then you will want to make it a great place to be. Often, the dining room is the last place that people decide to redecorate or freshen up because it isn’t used as

4 Features That No Luxury Home Should Be Without

Living a life of luxury doesn't come cheap. In fact, it often takes people years and years of hard work in order to get to enjoy the finer things in life.

Designer Radiators and Your Home Interiors

If you are thinking about updating your home heating elements to reflect more of your own personal lifestyle and that of your home, you need to think about every single design element in your home including your radiators.

Most Expensive Home In U.S. Lists For $250 Million; Luxury Developer Unveils His Newest Masterpiece

Major luxury developer Bruce Makowsky, known for curating, designing and bringing to life some of the most stunning homes in the country, has unveiled his greatest masterpiece, a brand new $250 million home located at 924 Bel Air Road in Los Angeles

6 Top Tips to Transform Your Home

The perfect home requires much love, care and attention. While we all want to spend as much time and money as possible to transform our home’s interior design, it is not always so easy.

It’s The World’s Most Extravagant Coffee Maker

The new Royal Coffee Maker, from Royal Paris, is a luxurious handcrafted 24-karat gold or silver, crystal and semi-precious stone balancing syphon brewer – and the world’s first-ever bespoke coffee maker.

Circu's Teepee Room inspired by Pocahontas

Teepee, also spelt tipi, is reminiscent of traditional Indian teepees. Circu’s Teepee is a bedroom inspired by the free-spirited and highly spiritual young woman, named Pocahontas. She loves adventure and nature.

5 Essential Tips For Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Basement

Basements happen to be one of the most neglected spaces inside the modern luxury home.

Flytastic Airplane Themed Bed for Daring Kids

An airplane-themed bedroom can be a really cool idea for a kid’s room decoration, having an airplane bed will surely make the decor look realistic. Circu brings the excitement of a travelling lifestyle to your kid’s room.

LUXXU presents new additions to its glamorous collection.

LUXXU presents new additions to its glamorous collection. The tribute to the most beautiful and prestigious architectural works in the world, continues to be our inspiration in creating these unique pieces!