LUXXU presents new additions to its glamorous collection.

11/30/2016 by

After a memorable and successful presence at Maison et Objet Paris and Decorex International, in London, LUXXU presents new additions to its glamorous collection. The tribute to the most beautiful and prestigious architectural works in the world, continues to be our inspiration in creating these unique pieces!

In interior design, lighting is no longer merely incidental and becomes an integral part of a set of experience creation tools. Luxxu’s design team conceive its pieces with the aim of total immersion of spaces in grandeur, luxury and glamor creating pieces so beautiful and unique you can say they’re like jewelry for your home!

Combining a contemporary style with traditional luxury, Luxxu’s pieces continue to surprise both for its beauty and versatility! So if you’re looking for a lighting solution for a mansion in Dubai or a Manhattan penthouse apartment, this is the right selection for you!

This peculiar piece carries in itself the spirit and unity message of the Babel Tower myth! With a particular approach LUXXU’s designers created a lighting fixture that intends to arouse the aesthetic sense of the individuals taking into account the subjectivity of taste. Like the famous Tower, the Babel chandelier intends to be a pathway to a heavenly environment.



As the monument in which is inspired, the Liberty chandelier intends to welcome all those arriving by involving them in a sense of comfort and grandeur. The geometrization of its shapes contrasts with the freedom of the composition which, when lit, acquires the natural vivacity of flames like a torch held way up high! Like the Lady Liberty caries enlightenment to the world, LUXXU intends to enlighten all interiors with this elegant design. Made in brass and crystal glass this chandelier has, in itself, the purity and the luxury intrinsic to the identity of Luxxu.



The natural sensation of Waterfalls acquires a different meaning in this LUXXU’s original suspension lamp. The circular shape takes everyone around it to a heavenly and soothing environment where the complexity of luxury goes hand in hand with the simplicity of nature. The water sensation of the handmade crystal glass tubes enhances the reflection of the gold plated brass structure culminating in a breathtaking lighting piece!



Alexander McQueen’s bold spirit is once again honored in a breathtaking light fixture that intends to leave a mark in every room. Maintaining the identity of the remaining “family” pieces (chandelier and wall) this dashing pendant has incredible details enhanced by the handmade natural elements in brass and the brightness of Swarovski crystals. The inherent poetry of the McQueen pieces is highlighted by the single string from which the lamp is suspended, connecting the sensible and strong parts of the designer life and work.