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The Luxe List: Holiday Gift Picks 2016

This year’s holiday gift picks in the tech, style, wellness, foodie, sport, self-care, beauty and kids categories

Anatomy of a Grand Weekend Getaway at Boulders Resort & Spa Arizona

::: Turnkey, print-ready 3-night itinerary chock-full of fun and fabulosity :::

16 Tech-Driven Wellness Innovations

Here are a few representative, technologically-advanced solutions helping folks achieve the great benefits in the health and wellness realm

Leveraging UV Light for a Healthier & Odor-Free Home

The healthcare and food manufacturing industries have been using UV germicidal energy to sanitize hospital rooms and medical equipment since the early 1900’s. So, why not leverage this powerful technology at home to keep you and your family safe?

Surf, Sky & Spirit at Tower23 Hotel San Diego

There's no shortage of things to do or see in San Diego and, when accommodations are in order, TOWER23 is a cool haven of haute hospitality—one that’s perfectly suited for any ocean-oriented traveler.

Royal Blues Hotel an Elegant Oceanside Enclave

"Enclave" is a most appropriate descriptor for this elegant property. It’s a work of art unto itself that’s tucked away on a prime piece of oceanfront real estate smack dab in the heart of Deerfield Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa a Splendid Respite

The Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa, through its central location, fine views, comfortable accommodations and committed staff, provides a quality respite where tourists can aptly relax, unwind, and enjoy quintessential oceanside ambiance.

Via Veneto Santa Monica Dishing Star-Caliber Italian Cuisine

When you are in the Los Angeles area and have a yearning for exceptionally high quality Italian fare—and can appreciate a moody, candlelight-laden atmosphere exuding a chic rustic elegance—proceed directly to Via Veneto.

7 Gotta Get Summer Gadgets

Here are a few relating to lawn care, skincare, entertainment and edibles that I’ve found to be particularly pleasing.

The Ambrose Hotel Santa Monica Mastering Boutique Hospitality

If you are considering a sojourn to the Santa Monica area, be it for business or pleasure, The Ambrose Hotel is contemporary, Zen-like lodging rife with creature comforts that will allow you to make the most of your visit.