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Problem Solving Stuff for Summer

The marketplace is teeming with items like these designed to solve problems and resolve common annoyances.

FINIS ‘Duo’ Underwater MP3 Player Lets You Swim with Swagger

FINIS, Inc.'s Duo underwater MP3 player is ushering in a new era of aquatic tech that will entertain, motivate and otherwise benefit swimmers and enthusiasts of all types.

Entertainment On-The-Go: National ‘Coffee With America’ Show Embodies New Era of Interactive TV

Perky new lifestyle television program dedicated to “keeping viewers informed on ‘what’s brewin'’ in news, social media and pop culture”

Summer Health & Beauty Boosters

Wellness boosters to elevate your summer season

7 Summer Saviors

Items that'll ease and appease in the summer months ahead

I.D. Theft Protection Perfection with ‘Pagalli’ Fine Leather Wallets

Wallets can help you avoid a slight identity breach at best and complete financial devastation at worst.

13 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts

Fab Father's Day Finds

Wow-Worthy Mother’s Day Gifts

Great Gifts and Gets for Mother's Day and Beyond

Entrepreneurship Strategies for the Risk Averse

As with other investing strategies, it seems this authority website approach may very well be perfect for those who seek the benefits of increasing their asset base and net worth while allowing a third party field expert manage the daily functions.

New Ultra-Premium Maurice Vendôme Champagne Makes American Debut

The Ultra-luxury wine and spirits purveyor Prodiguer Brands, which privately develops and markets many of the world’s finest, award-winning wines and spirits, has just its newest offering, Champagne Maurice Vendôme, which is now exclusively availab