Staying Safe: Looking After Your Luxury Car in the UK


Apart from your home, your luxury car is the most expensive purchase that you will ever make. With rampant cases of car theft, securing your car through the use of a gear stick lock is no longer enough to guarantee safety. According to research from, thousands of UK residents deal with the problem of car theft every year. If you are looking for ways to guard your car against thieves, the following advice will come in handy.

Theft Prevention

The number one rule of thumb in theft prevention is making sure that the car is always locked. 50% of stolen cars in the UK are often left unlocked. It is also important to choose your parking spaces carefully. If you do not have a private garage that is secure, then renting a parking space from or a garage from is beneficial. These spaces come with a high level of security, sufficient lighting, and CCTV cameras. 

Renting private parking spaces or garages help to guarantee that your luxury car will remain safe. Most new cars come equipped with a basic alarm, but consider upgrading your car alarm if you invest in a luxury model. On the other hand, equipping your car with an immobiliser will prevent it from starting when opened with the wrong key. A tracking device is also a good investment.

Parking Guidance

Research conducted by the Insurance Institute for the UK Highway Safety concluded that 20% of car theft occurs due to reckless parking. Apart from the use of reliable, well-lit parking spaces, making other sensible parking choices such as parking in busy and well-lit areas will ensure that your car remains safe. Before driving somewhere new make sure you know where you’re going to park. Leaving your luxury car parked on the street can be risky in many areas, so have a look at beforehand to find the nearest car park so you can keep your car off the road.

Keeping Items out of Sight

It almost goes without saying but it’s surprising how many people will leave possessions within sight in their car. Leaving valuables on view is asking for trouble but make sure that you also keep boxes and plastic bags out of sight. If criminals suspect that there might be valuable items in the car then they won’t hesitate to break in.

Car Storage

If your car is in storage, it should be well-covered under a UK insurance policy that protects it against theft. The website recommends a car tracking system as it will ensure that you know where your car is at all times. Only choose a car storage facility that has invested well in security or has put reliable measures into place to ensure that your car will always be safe.

The downside of car storage companies is the convenience factor when it comes to accessing your vehicle, but if you rarely use your car then they are a good option.


Needless to say, your car should always be well-insured. While many of us know this, it is easy to remain complacent. A comprehensive UK car insurance policy should ensure that you get well-compensated in case your car is damaged or stolen. 

Depending on factors like driving experience and your type of car, some insurance companies may have limitations in what is covered in the policy. Read the small print and only buy a policy that is right for you and your car. Use an insurance comparison site like or to find the most competitive prices with the right features for you.

Car theft in the UK is a highly lucrative crime. Do not think about prevention when it is too late. Keeping your vehicle out of the hands of a criminal is easier when you outfit it anti-theft devices. With these tips, your car will always remain protected.