The Expedition to Sustainable Luxury

12/13/2016 by

Leibish & Co. is celebrating their strategic partnership with Gemfields with the release of the Gemfields Emerald Jewelry collection.

With the objective of presenting ‘sustainable luxury,’ Leibish came together with one of the world’s largest sources for high-quality naturally mined gemstones to create magnificent emerald masterpieces in time for the Christmas Holiday!

The company introduces color to the world of fine jewelry, and began adding high-quality gemstones to some of their immaculate jewelry designs earlier this year. Although they offer a wide variety of amazing ruby, sapphire, and emerald jewelry, the company is ‘head-over-heels’ excited about their ‘Gemfields collection.’

The collection currently includes an assortment of luxurious earrings, diamond and emerald rings, and a spectacular necklace, and encompasses what the company likes to call ‘sustainable luxury.’

Gemfields is known for their ability to produce the finest high-quality gemstones. In addition, the company is recognized for their remarkable work giving back to the people and the land from where they mine. Gemfiels owns mines in Zambia and Mozambique, and it is from these areas that they mine the most breathtaking ruby, emeralds, and amethysts. Gemfields focuses their sustainability strategy between the following five core dimensions: Environmental Responsibility, Societal Responsibility, Human Rights Responsibility, Labor Responsibility, and Product Responsibility.

The company is strongly focused on ethical mining. They work to reduce all risks and maintain safety for the employees. They make it a point to pay fair wages to the workers and offer fair treatment as well. The company develops dormitories and cafeterias on site according to strict labor guidelines, for the people working the mines. In addition, they also give back to the land where they mine. After very large holes are created, Gemfields fills the pits with water and fish. Therefore establishing sustainable lakes in the areas they worked.


Gemfields team of experts has a deep understanding of the unique geology of the land where they work, and has managed to place themselves as what some like to call, ‘the De Beers of the gemstone world.’ The collaboration of the two companies is therefore considered an important step towards offering only the very best gemstones available in the market today.

The highlights of Leibish & Co.’s ‘Gemfields collection’ are the 64.65 carat emerald & yellow diamond necklace and the 27.08 carat cushion shaped emerald & vivid yellow diamond ring.

Leibish & Co. has already begun building this impressive collection of jewelry with some of Gemfields finest goods. But according to the company, this is only just the beginning. In a world where ‘going green’ has become such an integral concern for so many consumers, Leibish & Co. is excited to take part in this cause and create more pieces of the like. Leibish Polnauer, the company’s founder and president, joked that his only relevant contribution to the environment was the Toyota Prius Hybrid that he drives. In actuality, the company donates towards many causes, but is still interested in doing more. Leibish said that "partnering with Gemfields and Launching this collection was an important step towards taking action to make the world a better place."