Xpandable Wedding Bands By Picchiotti

11/22/2016 by

Six months after launching its Xpandable™ Collection of eternity rings, fashion rings, and bracelets, Picchiotti of Italy has garnered a fan base of second- and third-time brides who are embracing the collection's expandable technology when choosing their wedding bands.

"These are women who tend to pick out their own rings; they want a beautiful diamond band and a comfortable fit," said Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder and president of the family-owned company based in Valenza, Italy.

"Women who are remarrying, celebrating a special anniversary or renewing their vows love our Xpandable™ diamond and gemstone rings," added Mr. Picchiotti. "Not only for their exquisite designs, but because they expand to fit any finger…and they will never need resizing."

Beauty Meets Comfort and Fit  
Xpandable™ rings by Picchiotti use innovative technology to overcome a myriad of consumer challenges concerning comfort and fit. A groundbreaking hidden mechanism allows each ring to expand over the knuckle and "snap back" into place with ease.

Xpandable™ bracelets work the same way, ensuring a comfortable fit and eliminating the often difficult obstacle of a clasp.

"After years of observing many of our best customers struggle to fit diamond rings over their knuckles, we developed an elegant solution that is totally invisible to the eye," said Mr. Picchiotti.

A Fine Jewelry Revolution  
The Picchiotti team invented the expandable fine jewelry concept after nearly a decade of research and development. Picchiotti's ingenious merger of technology and design has resulted in a revolution in the jewelry industry.

"Having launched the category of expandable fine jewelry, we continue to innovate across different price points," said Mr. Picchiotti. "New Xpandable™ designs in both our "Fashion" and "Classic" lines are in development."