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A pure carioca experience
Rio Cultural Secrets welcomes visitors from around the world, as they arrive in their wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro. Their goal is to provide a unique and exclusive experience to everyone who wants to learn more about the authentic history, culture, and traditions of this phenomenal destination.
Every employee at Rio Cultural Secrets strives to provide impeccable levels of service every step of the way for their guests, whether it is that very first point of contact or the last goodbye at the end of a private tour of Rio de Janeiro.

Private Guided Tours In Rio De Janeiro

Commitment with a 5 star service
Fabio was born in Rio de Janeiro and began his professional career working in hostels in the area. He assisted his parents with their work within the tourism industry for the elderly and then visited over eleven countries while he worked with the Costa Crociere Company. Since the foundation of the company in 2012 Rio Cultural Secrets runs authentic private tours in Rio de Janeiro.
As both his professional and cultural roots are within Rio de Janeiro, he is quite knowledgeable about everything in this fabulous city. Fabio has now been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for more than eleven years, so it is obvious that he is well-versed in what every traveler desires and wants during their time away from home.

Our Style
Rio Cultural Secrets loves working with every traveler as they create and organize amazing itineraries for tours that match travelers’ interests and hobbies. Fabio and his employees always offer valuable advice to everyone that they provide tours to and can easily tell a person why they should or should not include certain attractions into their itinerary.
A few of Rio Cultural Secrets’ favorite destinations in the city include Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar, and the Historic Center. However, they also love traveling to more unique areas like Arraial do Cabo and Trindade.

Private Tours in Rio de Janeiro
One Day City Tour of Rio de Janeiro
In the six years since being founded, Rio Cultural Secrets has grown into one of the best private tour operators in the region. Many of the local hotels and hostels recommend them to visitors who are yearning for an opportunity to immerse themselves into the magic and excitement that can be found everywhere in Rio.

Each one of the tour guides and the other employees at Rio Cultural Secrets speaks English, so no visitor needs to worry about a language barrier at any time during their communication with the company.