The Medical Herbalist Apothecary

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Tami Bronstein is a Medical Herbalist qualified through BSc Phytotherapy (Honours) at the University of Wales in England (UK) with Post-Graduate work alongside world renowned Medical Doctors of Paris, France -- in an Integrative NeuroEndocrine (hormonal) + Immunology therapy model. Tami also holds a BSc in Exercise Physiology with Psychology from Hofstra University in New York, with 25 years' nationally certified experience in Neuromuscular, Osteopathic and Joint Mobilization manual therapies for Pain and Rehabilitation.  


Custom compounding of Organic Herbal Medicines on-site based upon the Individual, never 'one-size fits all'. Where you are not merely 'heard' - but listened-to, mindful of every subtle detail to address the Cause of imbalance, not Symptoms alone. 


Integrative Medicine that can be applied as primary support, as well as coordinated alongside conventional medical care.


Available By-Phone or at the Private Clinic, in bucolic Gladstone, NJ. Occasionally available in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills), CA. 


Medicines shipped direct via FedEx, for Patients further afield.


Available By-Appointment Only