6 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Vape E-Juice


According to reports, around 10.8 million Americans vape and the number is on a constant rise.

While a vape kit is quite cheaper, the e-liquid is not. A 15ml e-liquid bottle costs around $10. You don’t have to worry about spending so much money when it is possible to make your own vape juice.

If you want to vape without spending a lot much of money, and without compromising the taste and quality then you’re on the right page. You can make your own DIY e-liquid by following these six easy steps.

1. Base Liquid

The two most crucial ingredients that make up e-juice are Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycerol (PG). The right ratio of these two items will determine throat hit and vapor output.

You can consider a 70:30 (VG:PG) ratio when OHM vaping and 50:50 (VG:PG) when opting for mouth-to-lung vape kits.

Keep in mind that a higher concentration of VG offers more clouds but weaker hits.

2. Nicotine

It is an optional ingredient but many vaping lovers want it in their e-liquids.

You will need to suspend a smaller amount of nicotine in the PG solution. For beginners, 36 mg/ml of nicotine in a 100ml solution will work best. Try not to include a higher concentration of nicotine as it’s harmful.

Also, when mixing, make sure that nicotine doesn’t make skin contact.

Always wear latex disposable gloves when mixing nicotine and base ingredients. Make sure that the surrounding is clean and the surface you’re using is flat so that are no spills.

3. Measuring Ingredients

There are two common ways of measuring ingredients, by volume and by weight.

-      Measuring By Weight: This requires a digital scale. Get one that’s accurate in terms of grams. You can easily find one online.

-      Measuring By Volume: This involves using syringes which can be a bit messy. You can get syringes of 10-30 ml to measure ingredients in ml. This is good for measuring nicotine. However, keep in mind that it’s a bit difficult if you are not used to handling syringes.

4. Water Soluble Flavors

There are a plethora of food flavors on the market that you can buy. If you’re a beginner then we’d recommend that you start with a single flavor. If you want to try something unique, then consider mixing various flavors.

Note: Try to avoid oil based flavors as they can cause health problems.

5. Calculate And Mix

You can try this e-liquid calculator to measure the right quantities. It is important to keep this in mind as going overboard can ruin the taste.

Once done, mix all the ingredients carefully and keep it in a bottle.

6. Steeping

Strong flavors require steeping. This is important to remove harsh and volatile tastes and get a balance.

About one week of steeping is enough. It doesn’t only improve the taste but the color as well.

The Bottomline

Follow these simple steps and enjoy your own e-juice. However, remember that the flavor largely depends on vape quality as well. Check top vapes as rated by Vaping360 to pick the best products.