A Look Into the World's Most Expensive and Luxurious E-Cigarettes


The smoking of e-cigarettes is now a fashionable trend. In addition to the typical e-cigarettes, there are vape mods that are more sophisticated. Some of them have LCD screens and use expensive software and computer chips. But this is not the only thing that makes these devices expensive. The luxurious models are like jewelry or an expensive watch in terms of elegance and quality.

Adding Value to E-Cigarettes

Manufacturers have taken these devices to another level. Those that target the high-end market like celebrities and successful business people are adding value to the devices in the following ways.

·         Expensive software chips – imagine using an e-cigarette that allows you to give voice commands. It may sound impossible, but some of the most expensive e-cigarettes are like computers. They also have LCD touchscreens with different programs to suit the needs of the users.

·         Gold casing – for most vapers, how the e-cigarette looks matters. The color and material are important. But few can afford devices that are made of gold because they are very expensive. Only the wealthy can purchase such an e-cigarette or vape mod.

·         Diamond – these gems can be added to the casing to give the vape mods or e-cigarettes a classy and opulent design. Some with diamonds also have gold to give them an even more luxurious look. Numerous business tycoons can be seen using such luxurious devices at their favorite country clubs.

·         Expensive wood - if you visit thee ePuffer website, you will have an opportunity to view some of their best devices that include wood for elegant finishes. The manufacturers use rare hardwood with gemstones to create a mixture of colors.

Examples of Luxurious E-Cigarettes Around the World

It is not just any person who can spend thousands of dollars to buy an e-cig. But believe it or not, some people will do it just to own the most luxurious e-cigarettes or vape mods in the world. Look at the examples below.

·         Shisha Stick Sofia – although it is a shisha stick, it is considered to be the most expensive e-cigarette known in the world. It cost the buyer a total of USD 887,000. The e-cigarette is covered with diamonds and has a pure gold button. It was a gift from a Russian tycoon to his girlfriend.

·         Top Hat Mods – if you appreciate fine wood, then you should consider this series of mods. They are crafted from titanium and wood combined to make a perfect masterpiece. They also use expensive coils, long-lasting batteries, and sophisticated technology for the best experience. You should be prepared to pay about USD 10,000.

·         SX350J E-Cigarettes – a New York vape mod company wanted to try 3D casing and use optimal technology to develop a robust masterpiece. They also aim to use the best batteries in the world and the finest e-juice for their devices. This model is one of the best. It is used by tycoons and music celebrities who can afford to pay USD 109,000 for a vape mod.