Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Young Couples


Looking to head off somewhere with your partner? Traveling is something that changes you from the inside, you always come back tired but happy. It is why we made a list of the top five holiday destinations for young couples. You can try out the top online casinos in NJ if you want, or head off to exotic places in Cuba.

The 5 Amazing Holiday Destinations for Young Couples

Take a dip in these options to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway.

1. Holbox, Mexico

Holbox Island is a paradise in the Caribbean Sea. It is the perfect place for those who are looking to relax and enjoy nature. You can swim with the whale shark or see the bioluminescence. It is a place where vehicles are not permitted, so “taxis” are golf carts. Don’t forget to eat the island’s signature dish: lobster pizza.

2. Cuba, Cuba

La Habana is the capital of Cuba, and it´s a magical place where time seems to have stopped with cars from the 50’s and houses painted in pastel colors. It has a lot of places to smoke tobacco and listen to salsa and jazz. You can drink a Daiquiri on La Floridita, which is the bar that invented them and where it is said Hemingway used to go. Or if you prefer spending your days in white sand and the Caribbean signature blue ocean go to Cayo Santa Maria or Baradero.

3. Tulum, Mexico

This amazing “eco-chic” paradise where jungle, history and the beach collide, is so trendy right now. In Tulum you can go to the Archeological zone and experience the Mayan culture with the pyramids that are next to the sea. Or you can stay in an all-inclusive hotel and spend your days swimming in the ocean, and taking bike rides to the downtown area and buy a lot of goodies from locals. And in the night, Tulum has a lot of clubs and bars to go out and have a good time.

4. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena de India’s it’s a beautiful colonial city in Colombia, the architecture and the castle are both breathtaking. The walls were used to protect the city from the attacks of the pirates. You can walk in the castle and get a view from the beautiful city. You can take a tour and eat like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who loved Cartagena and often wrote about it. And spend your afternoons watching the ocean with your loved one.

5. Perú

Or if you and your SO are more the adventurous type, take a trip to Perú, Lima is the best place to eat in South America, three of the best restaurants of the world are in here. Then, you can go to the Apu tour near Cusco and hike to the mountain Vinicunca, also called the 7 color mountain. And take the train that takes you to Machu Picchu one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Where do you want to go?