3 Big Questions Every Luxury Home Owner Must Ask A Replacement Window Company


When you own a luxury home you can't get any old company to replace all the windows. The kind you choose might have to be installed by a specialist. Anyone you hire must be amazing at their job, because if they mess up it will destroy the look of your gorgeous home. The only real solution is to ask replacement window companies a few specific questions. We're going to cover the most important ones now to get you started.

1. Do You Carry The Right Insurance?

Any company working with windows for a living will need to have the correct insurance, because as you'll already know they're not exactly cheap. If they don't have adequate insurance documents they can show you it might mean they have something to hide.

When you own an expensive home it's even more important to see all the paperwork before you let anyone touch it. If a workman drops a cigarette and your home burns down who do you think will pay for it? Don't forget to make sure the actual company you hire are doing the work.

It's far too easy for someone to hire contractors who might have zero insurance. Also, you'll have to ensure their insurance will cover the cost of your home. Companies always need more cover when
installing windows on large homes, churches, commercial properties, and other big buildings in places like Winnipeg.

2. Can You Provide Me With References?

Nearly every company in the world installing
windows knows how to get around this question unless you're smart. They'll simply get you to call up their friend, Bob. If you want to be completely sure a company is giving you legitimate references they should be able to provide you with a list.

Whether or not you call anyone is up to you, but a great company should be able to provide you with lots. In fact, they should have the references freely available on their website. They should also have lots of photos showing you their previous work. A company without a website wanting to work on a luxury home is a red flag.

There is one more thing to take into consideration. Lots of companies might be able to install windows, but do they have proof they've worked on large homes? Even if the windows look good, it's a nuisance when someone is a month behind schedule because they've never undertaken such a large project before.

3. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Once you know a window replacement company has been in business for multiple years you know they're good at their job. With the struggles we've had in the building industry over the last few years, it would be hard for them to survive if they weren't. They wouldn't have been hired by the few who bought new windows either.

Companies regularly bring on new employees, but even if you have a couple of apprentices working on your home there will always be an experienced person there too. They will be the one who gives everything the green light. If you live in a luxury home the most experienced workers will likely want to work on it.

One of the reasons why you want a company who has lasted a long time is because something could go wrong. It wouldn't happen straight away, but what if a problem appeared further down the line? If a company isn't in business there is not anything you'll be able to do about it when an issue arises.