4 More Reasons to Go Hiking


It’s an activity that we often don’t think of right away, but hiking is positive in so many ways – it’s a great way to get into shape, to have an exciting experience, to connect with friends and family, and to see new things that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. There are thousands of options when it comes to choosing a trail, so choose the fullest experience you can.


There’s nothing more natural for humans to do than putting one foot in front of the other – it’s simple, and we all know how to do it – but any hike will be punctuated with memorable moments. It might be that you’re temporarily lost, and you find your way safely back onto the trail you were on, or it might be the right time and place to share a secret or a difficult truth. It might just be the blend of colors in the sky a particular time of morning or evening that stays with you until you find time to go out again.


Whether you intend to go with your family, your friends, or you intend to meet fellow hikers out there, the wild is a great place to connect with people. Your family will bond like never before when they’re faced with challenges they have to solve together – lighting a campfire, pitching a tent, navigating the map. There’s nothing like adversary to make people function as a team.

Your friends might all be cool, urban types, but getting everybody together in nature can bring new aspects to your group dynamic. You’ll see sides of people that you never knew were there – maybe the most formidable member of your group will get homesick, and will be forced to open up about it.


It can be difficult to stay in shape. So many of us live in cities, and it’s easy to forget about the chemicals and fumes you’re breathing in every day – but if you live in an urban area, then your lungs will be taking a pounding. It’s also nearly impossible to give yourself the amount of exercise you need when you live in a city, but when you hike you can make your workout stretch over a few days. Remember, you’re planning the trip, so you can make it as easy or as intense as you’d like.


One of the main reasons we hike is to make discoveries and see new things. One feature of the popular tourist attration Bryce Canyon, and one of the reasons hiking in Bryce is becoming so popular, are the hoodoos. They’re geological structures which take the form of rocks protruding skyward, and in Bryce, the many hoodoos are like a rock forest – they aren’t so populous anywhere else in the world – a truly once in a lifetime experience. Check out the Bryce Canyon website for more adventure.

There’s also a natural amphitheatre in Bryce, the most visited section of the national park, which will amaze you and your family. There’s lots of animal life that are worth looking for; there are several species of hawks and eagles if you’re into bird watching, and there are also American bison, deer and elk to be seen there.