4 Things Better Left Old-Fashioned in a Smart Home


4 Things Better Left Old-Fashioned in a Smart Home

With technological automation and simplicity being the craze these days, it seems the new wave in luxury is the smart house movement. Of course, home automation was an inevitable next step in the progression of personal convenience, so it's definitely not surprising to see so many homeowners make the switch. However, in a haste to be a part of the trend and have the coolest house on the block, many people are actually making their homes more complicated and less safe by rushing to implement technology that either presents security risks or doesn't provide a benefit worthy of the investment and change. With that said, here are four things you might just want to leave conventional when upgrading your house to a smart home:

1. Locks

Trusting the locks on your doors to digital devices and apps could prove to be a bad idea in the event of a malfunction or sustained power outage. Plus, there's also the risk that the device could be hacked and manipulated into unlocking remotely. There have been a number of complaints about smart locks needing to be taken off or replaced by a conventional locksmith like www.metrolocks.co.uk. Why put yourself in the position of potentially being locked out or having your home broken into for a tiny bit of added convenience when conventional locks have been used for ages and still work just fine?

2. Windows

There are also plenty of automated “smart” window openers on the market. While there's certainly nothing wrong with the conventional mechanical actuators that handle the laborious task of opening multiple windows, it would be best to just avoid the sensor-and-app-based solutions that allow the window to open automatically. If the device malfunctions, the window could be opened without your consent or knowledge. Ultimately, there's nothing wrong with having windows that open the old-fashioned way.

3. Furniture

Just because you're equipping your home with smart devices left and right, that doesn't mean you have to go for the ultra-modern furniture styles as well. While this is largely a matter of personal preference, it's good to remember that a smart home can still adhere to a traditional or shabby chic design style. As society continues to move towards a more robotic and uniform state, it's good to leave a bit of personal touch in your home decor instead of automatically opting for futuristic furniture just because you've decided to buy a few smart home devices.

4. The Garden

Finally, the yard/garden should be a place of natural beauty and outdoor enjoyment. A traditional sprinkler system has no problem coming on at the right time of day, and we haven't needed any devices