5 Essential Tips For Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Your Basement


Basements happen to be one of the most neglected spaces inside the modern luxury home. I guess it's easy to forget about them when you already have more rooms than you'll ever go into. Luckily you can turn it into something extraordinary with a little effort, so let's focus on a few ways you'll be able to do it.

Finish The Walls In Style

How gloomy does your basement walls look at the moment? You're probably too scared to go down because it looks like the kind of place where a monster would live.
Guy Solomon is a professional basement contractor with a few tips you'll need to begin with. Those gray concrete walls will need to be replaced with drywall or plywood.

As soon as they're sorted the fun can begin, and nothing looks more luxurious than a basement filled with beautiful artwork. If you're not a multimillionaire it doesn't really matter, because art comes in all price ranges and nobody will know how much a specific piece is worth.

Don't Ignore Your Ceilings

Something magical happened around 500 years ago and it's still mentioned today everywhere you go. Michelangelo was invited to paint what is definitely the most famous ceiling in the world. He was one of the finest artists of his generation. Popes are elected in the Sistine Chapel to this day.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. If you want to add a touch of class to your basement you must not let the ceiling ruin its overall look and feel. Maybe hiring an artist to create something is too much, but cover up anything unsightly with a lovely drop or suspended ceiling.

Warm And Cozy Flooring

Basement floors bring up a few memories when you think of them. It's hard to believe you'll be able to imagine a basement floor that isn't so cold your feet will turn to ice the second you stand on it. When it comes to basement flooring you've got a couple of options based on your current circumstances.

The first option is to go with underground heating, which is fine if you're actually going to spend a lot of time in the basement. If not, I'd suggest going with attractive rugs. Like we already said in regards to the artwork, they can be as expensive as you want and nobody will be able to tell the difference as long as they look nice.

Brightening The Place Up

A basement is always going to lack natural light even if you do have lots of windows. They'll only be tiny little things, so it will be the lights dangling from your ceiling that count. There are lots of lighting fixtures you can choose from under normal circumstances, but in a luxury basement you're left with one choice.

It has to be chandeliers every single time. How extravagant they are will be up to you, but the size will depend on the height of the ceiling. The toughest question you'll need answered is how many to hang and where the best places will be to put them.

Basement Storage Space

If you listen to professionals they'll all have lots of different opinions.
Guy Solomon reviews will tell you that men and women should have their own storage space, which is true except you'll need to add on a luxury twist at the end. This space we're referring to isn't where you should keep your junk.

In a large home you'll have plenty of free rooms that won't require you to carry things up and down stairs. Instead, women can keep their wine in one corner of the basement and men can keep their whiskey in the other. Basically, keep your things separate so you'll have easier access to them.