6 Top Tips to Transform Your Home


The perfect home requires much love, care and attention. While we all want to spend as much time and money as possible to transform our home’s interior design, it is not always so easy. There is always something that needs to be changed or fixed, and we may not always have the time, budget or skills to make the alterations needed to enjoy a luxurious home-life. However, thanks to our helpful tips, you can find ways to create and maintain an exquisite space that will wow your guests.

A Bigger Rug

Do you want to make a small room appear much bigger? If so, a bigger rug might be the answer. The larger the rug, the larger a room will appear. Combined with neutral colours and mirrors, you can create a beautiful, spacious environment that will welcome you home.

Water Leaks

You might not realise it, but you could be losing 14% of your water through leaks. This may only result in expensive utility bills, but the high humidity caused by the leaks could lead to mold spores that can pose a threat to your health, as well as offering an unattractive appearance that could lower the value of your home.

When neglected, leaks will worsen over time, which could result in a substantial repair bill. If you want to prevent water leaks causing mold or resulting in a much bigger plumbing issue down the road, you should opt for a water leak detection service that can source subtle leaks that could be unwittingly costing you money and damaging your home.

Create a Focal Point

Every room deserves a focal point. You will most likely want to impress your guests, and a focal point can help you do just that. You can grab your visitors’ eye with a uniquely-designed couch, an elegant chandelier or a roaring wood burning fire. A striking design will create a striking room, so incorporate one standout feature in every space for the wow factor.

Toothpaste & Silver Cutlery

Is your silver cutlery looking a little tired or dull? Give it a new lease of life with the help of toothpaste. Grab your silverware and rub a small amount of tartar control toothpaste onto the items like soap, before rubbing it off with a paper towel. Your cutlery will look as good as new.

Complement Natural Light

If you are fortunate enough to live in a home that features plenty of natural light, you should aim to make this the focus of the room. Complement the natural lighting with neutral colours to create a larger space, and you can also inject a little bit of personality into the design with beautiful textures and textiles, such as stylish chevron pillows.

An Eclectic Mix

Many people often opt for one or two colors when they consider a room’s interior design; however, there are so many shades that can complement one another, so why limit yourself to one or two colors when you can opt for three or four beautiful hues, such as white, beige and grey? Don’t be afraid to play with your interior to create an inviting room that shows off your style and creativity.