A Mammoth Launch - The HYT Skull Vida

05/19/2017 by

Hot off the presses today is the launch of HYT's Skull Vida, a limited edition of just 5 pieces. The 'limited edition' in this case could also be referred to as 5 unique pieces, as the material reflects its own unique properties, and is a very unusual material to watchmaking.

The skull shaped sculpted dial is crafted from Siberian mammoth ivory thousands of years old. In fact, most of the mammoths that are being uncovered in the region are 15,000-30,000 years old and have been remarkably well preserved, having been frozen in place until now. Before any work can be done on the ivory, it has to go through a stabilization process so that it can adjust to the atmosphere. Specially trained artisans worked with the ivory, which given its age, had to be very carefully handled.

"Our first Skull collections fell within the tradition of Memento Mori, reflecting in particular the Mexican culture of Dia de los Muertos, where death is celebrated in the same way as life, in a celebratory communion of the passing of time," recalls Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT. "However, we felt that we could go even further still by literally combining life and the unique flow of time with our fluid technology and a dial made from an authentic material, a true living sculpture. The Skull Vida was born from this all-encompassing, holistic vision."

The Skull Vida comes in a 51 mm black DLC titanium case which highlights the creaminess of the ivory. It is powered by HYT's exclusive mechanical hand-wound movement which provides a 65-hour power reserve. The seconds are displayed in its left eye, the power reserve in its right. As usual, the entire artwork is surrounded by an HYT capillary specially folded into the skull shape, in which the separation point of two immiscible liquids indicates the hours. The strap, is a beige floral-embroidered fabric with a black DLC titanium deployant buckle.