Bleeding Heart Rum Brings A Taste Of "Sugarlandia" To The U.S. With Don Papa® Rum

05/12/2017 by

The Bleeding Heart Rum Company (BHRC) is bringing the majestic spirit of the Philippines to the U.S. market with the arrival of Don Papa® Rum, the first small-batch super-premium rum from the Philippines known for its rich, sweet style and fruity notes. Beginning in May 2017, following rapid success launching in Europe and Asia, the super-premium rum will first be available at select retailers in New York City and Boston, followed by other fine spirits retailers nationwide (SRP $39.99/750ml).

Don Papa® Rum carries the long-standing traditions of Filipino rum making as a first-rate, expressive liquid that has amassed a cult-like following with spirits enthusiasts and industry insiders – a testament to its ability to transcend the rum category. The complex and delicious tasting rum offers a new taste that rum drinkers, brown spirit aficionados and newcomers to the spirit category can all enjoy.

"'The Don' is not for the feeble hearted – it is for those who have a burning desire to do things differently, experience life's greatest pleasures, have an appetite for adventure and have an undeterred, generous spirit," said Stephen Carroll, founder of Don Papa®. "The U.S. is ready for a ground-breaking luxury spirit that embodies their passions in a bottle…they are ready for Don Papa® Rum."

The field to bottle process required to perfect "The Don" is no simple task. Don Papa® Rum is handcrafted on the ethereal Philippine island of Negros, also known as "Sugarlandia," where the lush, fertile land allows the sugarcane to flourish. The ancient sugar mills of Negros grind the Noble Cane, the original variety of sugar cane in Southeast Asia dating back thousands of years ago. This variant is much sweeter than others and transforms into the special "black gold" molasses used in Don Papa®. These ingredients are then distilled and aged up to seven years in an ultra-humid climate, intensifying the interaction between the rum and the American oak barrels, drawing out the vanilla notes from the wood.

This combination of the island's volcanic soil, superior sugar cane, aging process and the blender's skill yields a smooth, full-flavored taste that is distinctly Don Papa®: light and fruity on the nose with notes of vanilla, honey and candied fruits.

Each time a bottle of Don Papa® is opened, the legacy of Papa Isio, an unsung hero from the Philippine revolution against the Spanish, continues. Every facet of Don Papa® Rum is inspired by Papa Isio's spirit of independence, irreverence and sense of justice – from the liquid to the striking bottle art work. The expert craftsmen behind the award-winning design house Stranger & Stranger creatively incorporated his namesake into the package to authentically illustrate who and what Don Papa® is. 

Don Papa® is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed in cocktails, such as the signature Darker Don made with ginger beer and lime juice, in an Old Fashioned, or on the rocks so that the pure flavor of the liquid can shine. There really is no wrong way to enjoy Don Papa® rum.

To learn more about "The Don," as well as other expressions in the portfolio, follow @DonPapaRum or visit Hashtag #DonPapaRum to join the conversation.

May the spirit of Don Papa live on in us all.