Cross Pens Reveals Consumers Desire Personalization Above All Else When Receiving A Gift

11/15/2016 by

On the brink of the year's biggest gifting season, A.T. Cross Company today revealed results of their first annual gifting study that reveals key holiday shopping and gift giving trends. The survey of more than 2,000 consumers, conducted in North America in partnership with StudyLogic, revealed the emotional connection associated with different types of gifts and their longevity in the receivers' lives.

It's no surprise that along with the rise in popularity of tech gadgets and availability of click, point and print gift certificates came a decline in the emotional association recipients have with most gifts.  A gift that the recipient has no emotion tie to is significantly more likely to be returned than one that has a personal connection. 43% of respondents expressed having an engraved message or name on the gift is what makes a gift feel truly personal while 40% believe having the gift be an item that cannot be replaced is important. 

The study found that an overwhelming majority of the respondents 90% have either received or gifted a pen in the past three years for either a significant milestone or holiday. Not surprisingly, 75% of respondents also expressed that they feel an engraved pen is one of the most personal and thoughtful gifts that they have ever received and felt that it was a gift that demonstrated that the giver cherished them and acknowledged the significance of the holiday. Due to the meaning felt behind giving an engraved pen, most respondents (84%) believe an engraved pen to be the best alternative to other commemorative gifts.

Additional results from the study, include:

  • The most re-gifted gifts are perishable gifts (33%) and electronic gifts (29%)
  • 22% of respondents reported "feeling nothing" when receiving an electronic gift such as a tablet or smartphone
    • When receiving an engraved pen as a gift, the top feelings for respondents were a memorable moment (33%), a sense of tradition (24%), or a sense of achievement (19%)
  • Over the past 3 years, more than two-fifths of respondent's recall seeing more engraved gifts than in the past (42%)
  • Nearly three-fifths of respondents have received an unexpected gift (58%)
  • When receiving an unexpected gift, approximately one-fifth of respondents either fake being happy (21%) or fake liking the gift (19%)
  • The most frequent reasons to give a gift are birthdays (49%), anniversaries (47%) and holidays (22%)

Overall, Cross uncovered that fine writing instruments are have significant impact within for consumers shopping for gifts that commemorate a special achievement, occasion, or holiday. Cross offers custom engraving on most of our products. In-house, skilled engravers use state-of-the-art equipment and work to the most exacting standards for unmatched engraving quality. For gifting inspiration or recommendations, please visit the view the latest 2016 Holiday launches. Holiday gifts range from $45 – $10,000.