Customize Your Pixel


Google’s latest Android has left the Nexus brand in the dust. The Pixel is intended to compete with the iPhone 7 as a higher-end phone, and so far the tech company is giving Apple a run for its money. The 5.5 inch screen, 12-megapixel camera, and fingerprint scanner offer the typical smartphone capabilities, but it’s the new OS, processor, and completely Google UI that make the Pixel stand on its own. 

The switch from Nexus brand to Pixel also comes with a few color upgrades. Though not as innovative as the “Made by Google” interface, a bright finish like the ‘Really Blue’ is certainly unique in a sea of black and white rectangles. While this exterior may satisfy some people’s need to stand out, there’s always going to be those who want something a little extra to show off their personality. Despite being one of the newest smartphones on the market, you can customize your Pixel using high-quality decals (or skins, if you prefer).

Pixel decals are a slim vinyl covering that attaches to the phone. Designers like the engineers at dbrand use this particular material for its strength and flexibility. When cut to the precise dimensions of Google’s blueprints, it can match the Pixel millimeter for millimeter. Complete coverage in such a hardy material can protect the vulnerable gadget it covers from cosmetic damages and grime build up. But most importantly, it can showcase your personal style to the world. Using online editing systems like what you can find at, you can choose the exact color combination in which to cover your Pixel. The selection includes true colors, natural finishes, and the option to highlight the rainbow ‘G’ logo or cover it up completely, giving you the opportunity to turn your decal into a totally unique creation.

Vinyl is also very easy to attach, as it doesn’t need the help of any messy or damaging adhesives to stick close to the phone. Of course, underneath it all is still your innovative Pixel, made entirely by Google. With the Android Nougat 7.1 and Snapdragon’s latest 821 processor, you’ll have one of the most powerful phones on the market. And now with a customized Pixel skin chosen entirely by you, you’ll have one of the most unique droids, too. Check out which color combinations work best with your style and the phone itself. You’ll be surprised at how well zebra wood or a carbon fiber Pixel skin fits the device.