Flytastic Airplane Themed Bed for Daring Kids

12/06/2016 by

An airplane-themed bedroom can be a really cool idea for a kid’s room decoration, having an airplane bed will surely make the decor look realistic. Circu brings the excitement of a travelling lifestyle to your kid’s room. For an adult it can be quite boring sleeping in an airplane but, for a lucky boy who with an airplane bed inside his room, the idea of sleeping inside an airplane is just a perfect complement to his dream.

The Sky B Plane would take his dreams far away, and maybe even further than a real one would. This is not just a bed, this is a spot for creativity and imagination for the immensity of plays your kids will want to make.

Bring a little aviation-inspired magic to your little pilot’s bedroom. With a creative and playful design, the bed of the Sky B Plane toddler bed makes the crib-to-bed transition as trouble-free as possible.

This bed is high for the floor with decorative suitcases for climb up or down to the airplane. Plus, the plane’s wings have a storage compartment that is very handy when it comes to a kid’s room. The finishing’s on the main structure, wings and body, are made with fiberglass. Wings have a convenient storage compartment and the interior of the bed is made of velvet upholstery. Propeller in real wood and the wheels are made of rubber.

The Sky B Plane is a bed inspired by Leadbottom from the Disney movie “Planes’’. This character is a puttering old biplane and a grumpy taskmaster. He has too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. Leadbottom keeps himself as busy little bee, for him, work comes first, then... well, more work.

Soar high above the clouds! Some kids are born to fly!