Hi Tech Electrical Enhancements that Add Luxury to a Home


When it comes to a life of luxurious living, it is no surprise that technology holds the key. Yes, you want exquisite interior design and high end furnishings and décor, but all those little (some not so little) enhancements actually offer you the luxury you are looking for. Keeping this in mind, if you are in the midst of pursuing a career so that one day you can actually own that luxury home of your dreams, why not study for a master of science in electrical engineering? Use that electrical engineering degree to design your own home. After all, you know what luxury means to you and with the right tools, you can design and implement those hi tech amenities that will have you living easier in the lap of luxury.

What Exactly Is Luxury?

If you Google the definition for luxury, you are returned with, “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” Imagine a home that is so hi tech that you can program everything, from your lights to your entertainment system (and everything in between), to turn on and off when you want them to, grow louder and brighter or softer and dimmer based on settings you’ve programmed into the controls? However, that technology won’t work without the electrical wiring needed and so your degree becomes all the more important. From sizes of wires to the housing they are laid in, to the way in which they are wired into devices and hardware, it takes an electrical engineer to plot all that out.

An Example of Some 21st Century Hi Tech Luxurious Enhancements

You probably never suspected that an online master of science in electrical engineering program would put you in on the cutting edge of designing hi tech homes of the future – homes that are intended to add luxury as well as function. The object is to offer amazing electrical components to a home without interfering with the beauty. Some of the most luxurious contemporary homes have:

  • Built-in monitors and flat screen televisions
  • Ultra-secure bio-metric entryways
  • Heated seats in a backyard pool
  • Personal heat settings for faucets around the home
  • Ambient lighting in the great room for displaying works of art

Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s all about computers and computer programming. Yes, that is a very big part of luxurious additions such as these, but they still need to be wired into walls, ceilings, underground, and so forth. The electrical and computer engineers need to work together to make the necessary elements ‘fit’ the design. Both professionals are instrumental to these luxurious elements and so your electrical engineering degree is vital to the design and function of the home.

Who doesn’t want to live in luxury? However, imagine having the ‘tools’ it takes to design luxury as you see it. In keeping with that definition of living in a state of great comfort, only you can define what is most comfortable to you. Electrical engineering is one degree that you can be assured a lucrative career, as well as in having what it takes to have a hand in designing your own home. A dream come true.