Holiday Gift Guide for the Eccentric Loved Ones In Your Life


Holiday Gift Guide for the Eccentric Loved Ones In Your Life

Whether you call them eccentric, geeky or just weird, we all have a loved one who falls under this category. For some of us, we are that person and it describes our entire social circle. There are a lot of cool, kitschy and unique gift items out there. The hard part is finding the right kind of odd gift to match the distinctive personality of the one you love.

A Different Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is hot this year. This year at the Consumer Electronic Show, the conference where technophiles go to impress other technophiles, virtual reality games and devices made a huge showing. On the top of the list is the Samsung Gear VR. Used with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the headset gives the user an impressive real life experience with games, tours and even some professional applications. The super high definition 2560 x 1440 pixels display of the Galaxy S7 gives the user a very true virtual experience that is rivaled only by the much more pricey Oculus devices. This is a great gift for your techno friend.

The Gift of Health

Under the category of just plain different, Merry Jen’s Kitchen offers lotions, salves and soaps that are infused with hemp and, where legal, cannabis oil. There is a wealth of research that is pointing to the health benefits of cannabis oil, both as an ingested item and for topical use. All of the company's products are organic and handmade. The salves use coconut oil and the soaps are shea butter with a little extra something infused. Merry Jen’s is just rolling out its holiday gift baskets so take a look and pick something up for your loved one who likes things that smell nice and give them something to talk about.

For the Gamer

Kickstarter is a wonderful place to find cutting edge gifts that have not yet hit stores. One of its Projects We Love items is the game Mythic Battles. This is a cross between board games and RPG card games where your minions battle the gods. The story uses the ancient Greek pantheon and the game comes with figurines of heroes like Achilles, gods like Athena and a whole host of classic monsters. A combination of card play and dice make each game play different and exciting.

Fitness Tech for the Gym Lover

Though you may never join this friend, you probably know a Cross Fit junky or a gym rat. Since you are not going to go out and get an oversized tire to flip, some of the new fitness technology that debuted at the CES may be a good option. This year they had 86 exhibitors under the fitness and technology category. Take a look at FlightScope, which matches neurological input to sports movements to get the best results.

Go to the Bone Room

If you want to find something that will make your weirdest friend cry, “Neat. Wow. Awesome!” then try the Bone Room. From the company's website, you can order display bones of most any type. The online store has mammal skulls, fossil remains and even human bones. The prices are reasonable, ranging from $10 for something normal (though you may want to put quotes around the word normal) to several thousand for rare or specialty items.