Ideas to refresh your dining room


If your dining room is the one place in your house that you get the most family time, then you will want to make it a great place to be. Often, the dining room is the last place that people decide to redecorate or freshen up because it isn’t used as much as some of the other rooms in the house.

If your dining room is feeling dated and boring then maybe bringing a bit of life into it will help make your mealtimes a more enjoyable family experience. You don’t even have to make huge changes because a few simple things can make a massive difference. Even if you just change the tablecloth, it can transform the feel of the room.

Placemats and dinner sets are also very easy to change and there are loads of funky styles now available that would meet the approval of even the least enthusiastic of teenagers. If you go for a meal these days, you never know what your food is going to arrive on. Gone are the days when you couldn’t imagine food being served on anything other than a plate! The more unusual the serving style, the better these days. Dining is a full experience, not just a basic human need.

From hanging kebabs, to wooden boards and slate there are all kinds of crazy new ways to present your food. If you’re looking to make family meal time a bit more fun then why don’t you try taking some inspiration and serve up some unusual plate alternatives. Don’t be surprised if it gets a bit messy when you serve up on a flat slab of wood and someone pours gravy that proceeds to flood the table.

Another fun idea is to have themed decorations and accessories. If you’re having Chinese, don’t put the standard knives and forks out, place a set of chopsticks out at each place on the table and see how much fun you can have before everyone gets too hungry and gives up! You can even have themed dishes to liven up your cooking.

If you’re not so much looking for fun ideas to bring into the dining room and it is more a new look then maybe you could take a look at a new dining table. There are a number of modern styles available such as gloss finish, solid oak, traditional and more modern styles. Whatever you think will bring your dining room to life and add a bit of sparkle into meal times. Stores like Danetti have a wide range of styles to choose from or to just get some inspiration from.

You could even buy a new clock that adds a bit of style to the room. Instead of having a basic clock-face, get adventurous with the design and see what a big difference it makes to the room.

Family meal-time is precious, so a bit of extra effort in the style of your dining room could bring a lot of fun back into your dining experience.