More Healthcare Providers Are Using EHRs


Let’s get serious for a while and take a closer look at the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs). Today’s EHR systems enable patients to have their complete medical history stored digitally and safely in the cloud. EHRs are benefiting patients in many ways. It is easier to get accurate diagnosis and the right treatments today because doctors and healthcare providers can easily access your medical history online.

More importantly, the implementation programs and steps are making EHRs more common across the healthcare industry. According to studies complied by Ohio University and its MHA online program, the 9 steps of EHRs implementation are specifically designed to enable healthcare providers – both large hospitals and smaller practices – to implement the system without a problem.

You can assume an active role in speeding up the process and start enjoying the benefits of EHRs today by asking your healthcare provider to provide you with an electronic medical history. You can also learn more about Implementing Electronic Health Records from the complete infographic by Ohio University.