The Gentleman’s Guide to Accessorizing a Suit


The Gentleman’s Guide to Accessorizing a Suit

Sometimes, wearing a suit day-after-day can become repetitive, making you believe that suits are limiting when it comes to the fashionable. To counter this boredom, many may change suit colours, or simply try out a different shirt and tie combination. However, this can still feel as if you’re stuck in the same outfit again and again.

Maybe you believe shaking up your style will cost you the Earth and think settling is your only option, but what if we told you that is all a myth? Liven up your suits without spending a fortune with our guide to stylish accessories.

First Thing’s First

Many men are oblivious to their true suit size and end up wearing the incorrect measurements ranging from years to a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you’re properly tailored by professionals similar to Lanieri. By turning to professional tailor for help, not only will they make sure your suit is incredibly comfortable, but they will show you which style suits you best.

Timeless Timepiece

A nice watch does more than tell you the time and keep you punctual. Wearing an elegant watch will complete your style and have an impact on your status. Although many men’s watches can often be expensive, there are many great alternatives for excellent quality timepieces that won’t cause bankruptcy. Remember that a branded name doesn’t always make you fashionable. It’s how you wear it that does.

For an alternative approach to a traditional style, incorporate a pocket watch into your office outfit. Not only does this offer diversity, but it is also a breath of fresh air.

Patterns and Textures

One of the easiest ways to accessorize is by changing your tie and suit. However, to many, this means swapping a white shirt with a blue or pink one instead. Well, it’s time to go against the book and swap single block colours for a bold pattern and embrace a little floral and geometric print.

Additionally, you can opt for woollen or knitted ties which are perfect in spring, autumn and winter. They are also great for smart/casual uniform.

Unique Tie Clips

Show your personality through a carefully selected tie clip or pin. There’s a large variety for you to choose from meaning you will always have a wealth of options. Therefore, on one day you could have something humorous and then the next opt for pure elegance.

Add Colorful Socks

In this day and age, suits are not limited in color. However, there are other great ways for you to incorporate color into your wardrobe, such as ties, shirts, scarves, and socks.

Socks are a simple detail but usually largely overlooked. The wrong socks can ruin an outfit and make you look silly, but the right pair is essential to making an ensemble. To ensure you’re as fashionable as can be, trade in the white socks for a pop of color.


Suspenders are no longer a thing of the past and can be the ultimate way to complement your outfit. They are perfect for both formal and informal occasions but always offer a unique touch. Plus, they are a great alternative to the usual, boring belt.