Transcendent Artistry: The Riders of the Apocalypse by BOVET 1822 and Ilgiz F.

11/17/2016 by

BOVET owner Pascal Raffy commissioned award-winning jewelry artist Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, known to the world as Ilgiz F., to hand paint each of the exquisite dials of the Amadeo® Fleurier 43 “Riders of the Apocalypse” series. The resulting series of four Grand Feu enamel timepieces is a tribute to the esteemed artist’s skills and the supreme craftsmanship of the House of BOVET. This collaboration was displayed in all its glory at a special exhibition at the Kremlin in spring of 2016. Now, BOVET presents these ethereal men’s timepieces for the autumn season.

The “Rider of the Apocalypse - Conquest” timepiece rendered in Grand Feu enamel dazzles in an intriguing chiseled 18K white gold case. The miniature painted scene unfolds in an otherworldly landscape of craggy peaks, as a majestic rider with a crown atop his head sits astride an ivory stallion, gripping a bow and arrow.

Rider of the Apocalypse - Conquest

Rolling clouds cloak a rider in mystery in the “Rider of the Apocalypse - Famine.” Grasping a symbolic pair of scales, he and his mount stride forward through the mist, framed by a high polished 43 mm case in 18K white gold.

Rider of the Apocalypse - Famine.

The intriguing “Rider of the Apocalypse - Death” astonishes in 18K red gold with an ethereal portrait of the Grim Reaper riding a pale steed, wielding a scythe. The vivid red gold case complements the atmospheric blue and grey colors present on the dial.

Rider of the Apocalypse - Death

The imposing “Rider of the Apocalypse – War” intimidates with a display of martial strength, advancing with sword lifted high overhead. A red cloak billows behind him as he rides, and the passionate color is echoed in the timepiece’s high polished 18K red gold case.

Rider of the Apocalypse – War

Each of the “Riders of the Apocalypse” miniature paintings are heightened by an obsidian toned American alligator band fitted to its 43mm case, and capped with striking blue sapphire cabochons which resonate with the stormy indigo undertones of each painting. The Amadeo ® Fleurier case system enables the wearer to easily convert each timepiece from a wristwatch to pocket watch, and finally, a table clock – a fitting presentation for the transcendent artistry of the “Riders of the Apocalypse” timepieces.