Young Wine? No Time? Never Compromise Flavor, Smoothness or Aroma Again

05/25/2017 by

Wine drinkers will never have to wait hours for a young wine to "open up" again thanks to the much-anticipated Velv™ Wine Oxygenator, available for purchase starting today. The Velv™ Wine Oxygenator accelerates the preparation of wine, revealing peak aromatics and a soft, silky taste – together for the first time.

The Velv™ Wine Oxygenator, available in the contiguous U.S. at, uses proprietary PUREOXYGEN™ technology to gently circulate 99.5 percent pure oxygen micro-bubbles right into a bottle wine. In just minutes, it releases a wine's aroma and makes it silky smooth at the same time – called the "Velv Effect." The portable and easy-to-use hand held device creates a peak taste experience – something traditional decanting and aeration can't achieve.


"Casual wine lovers, connoisseurs, and home entertainers will never have to compromise again between peak aromatics and a soft, silky finish with the Velv Wine Oxygenator. It is a must-have bar cart item or gift for anyone who likes to entertain or simply enjoy wine," said Peter Chouinard, Velv CEO. "We're excited to begin shipping this transformative product after our team has spent months testing and perfecting it."

The Velv Wine Oxygenator helps prepare wine right in the bottle. Red wines such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot can reach their flavor peak in about 4 to 7 minutes, and select white wines that benefit from aging such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling take just 3 to 5 minutes, compared to hours of traditional decanting.

"Most young wines could use a few hours decanting to help round out the rough edges, yet with time you lose aromatics and taste," said Velv SVP of Sales and Marketing Howard Leyda. "Now, imagine every wine you drink is as smooth as a perfectly aged wine. In just minutes, the Velv Wine Oxygenator softens youthful wine to silky smooth and makes the fruit aroma and taste pop thanks to the 'Velv Effect.'"

The Velv Wine Oxygenator creates pure oxygen micro-bubbles that react with various molecules in wine, altering the chemical structure of hydrogen sulfides, breaking down sulfites, and lengthening the molecular chains of tannins. These changes are what ultimately reveal the aroma and unlock a silky, smoother flavor. The starter kit costs $300 and includes the Velv Wine Oxygenator, one Velv PUREOXYGEN capsule, and a Velv Protective Case. Each capsule can prepare approximately 5 to 10 bottles of wine, and additional 2-packs of capsules are available online for $25