Luxury High End End Pet Accessories


K9-Feline Unique Pet Accessories

K9-feline Unique Pet Accessories caters to the discrimnating pet owner who considers his pet a memebr of the family.  We provide high quality accessories that can be designed to blend in with your interior surroundings. We offer 18 different styles of pet beds that can be customized in up to 47 combinations of fabrics and colors.  We offer kennels that blend right in with your furnishing offering your dog a luxury home that is functional and stylish. We carry a line of GPS tracking collars that will allow you to train and locate your dog and track thier  location, should wander off the property.

Custom Designer Dog Beds

Our line of pet beds is manufactured in North America from fabrics produced in US based textile mills. Our line of beds are not only attractive, they are made from the finest upholstery fabrics from Oeko-Tex Certifed Mills. This is an environmental association that tests and certifies that textile products do not contain flame retardants nor are they produced using harmful substances or chemicals. 

Our line of Pet Beds is handmade in the factory in Toronto, Canada by skilled and accomplished seamstresses who take pride in their expert precision and unwavering attention to detail, they take pride in each and every bed they make.  

We offer 18 different styles of beds for all different sizes of dogs from extra small to extra large. We have mats, mattresses, bolster beds, crate beds, ortho beds and we can monogram certain bed styles.  Many beds have washable covers, many beds syles are reversible.  

Designer Dog Kennels

We offer several kennels that are not only functional, but also attractive and will compliment most furniture pieces in your home. Our furniture grade kennels have clean lines, eye catching appeal and are constructed of cabinet grade materials.


Professional Kennels for Hunters and Trainers

We offer professional one piece molded heavy duty plastic kennels designed for the outdoor sportsman or the professional trainer. These are kennels designed for the working dog.  They come in sizes from Small to Extra Large and multiple colors to suit your taste.