11 Luxurious Ways to Add Life to Your Interior Walls


If you have a large home that tends to feel a bit too roomy, some high-end flair can add depth to your interior and give your living space a homier feel. Aside from simply painting it, you can customize your wall in a plethora of unique and interesting ways. You’ll be surprised by the possibilities!

There’s something here for everyone’s tastes, with every option adding a unique touch of personality to your living space. From Louvre-worthy artwork to statement fireplaces and scatter sculptures, here are 11 luxurious ways you can add life to your walls and take your interior design to the next level.

Gold-Framed Artwork

Whether you’re a creator of fine art or simply a connoisseur, there’s no better way to frame your favorite work than in gold. Gilded vintage frames work surprisingly well with almost any type of art, but of course they look best on more classic pieces. Play with different sizes in each section to add some dimension to your walls.

Hanging Frames

Staying on the topic of frames, here’s something you don’t see in most homes: hanging frames. Gone are the days of having to drill holes into your expensive walls, never mind your art. Instead, take a curtain hanger-type pole and hang your works at varying lengths to liven up small sections.

A Bookshelf with More Than Just Books

We can’t simply include a bookshelf on our list and leave it at that. Take things to the next level and leave some space for more than just your books. Depending on your personal tastes and what you like to show to your guests, anything goes here. From sculptures to collected treasures, your options are endless.

Floor Mirror

When it comes to easy, non-intrusive ways of adding life to your wall, nothing is better suited for the task than a generously sized floor mirror. Not only does a mirror give you one extra place to check yourself, but they’re also the perfect way to make the smallest spaces feel significantly larger.

Hanging Carpets

For particularly large walls, carpets are an excellent way of filling the space without adding too much noise. Carpets come in countless interesting and unique designs, so there’s bound to be something to suit your tastes.

Scatter Sculptures

Here another thing you don’t see every day: sculptures placed on your wall! Naturally, one can’t exactly prop a statue of your pet tiger onto the wall. This is where scatter sculptures come in handy. Instead of a single piece, these contemporary compilations of different three-dimensional works can give your wall a unique, high-end look.

Window Mirrors

We’ve already looked into floor mirrors, but if you want to add as much roominess to your interior as possible, nothing is more effective than a set of mirrors so large that guests will think they’re windows. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many appearing identical to the layout of traditional window designs.

Plaster Paneling

Repainting your wall is so last century. Plaster paneling is an awesome way to add life and dimension to your walls without adding anything or drilling a single hole. The low-profile nature of paneling means that you’ll still be able to add paintings or whatever you like afterwards. But the range of designs alone are sure to do the trick.

Get Personal

While it’s great to have your wall filled with the pinnacle of luxury products, you should never forget your achievements. Church Hill Classics offer a variety of high-quality framing solutions for your awards, college diplomas, and treasured documents. They’re made in the USA and work great for any achievement certificates you’ve earned, so why not include them in a personal gallery wall?

Hanging Plates

Sure, you could opt for the more traditional route of simply sticking your fine china behind a glass cupboard door, but who’s going to see it there? Go all out and prop your antique crockery onto your wall instead. The country-home vibe makes this wall piece perfect for your getaway spots outside of the city.

Statement Fireplace

One doesn’t need to go through the process of building a whole chimney to enjoy the architectural advantages of a fireplace. As a matter of fact, you can install a statement fireplace wherever you like! After all, it’s only really there to make a statement. You’ll also be able to fill out a large space and add some more shelving.

Statement fireplaces also act as a great centerpiece for you to work around. There are many different versions to choose from. From gold-trimmed black marble to more traditional styles, there’s a statement fireplace for every type of home. They may not actually keep you warm, but the warm feeling you get from having one in your home should do the trick.

What will we find on your wall right now? What do you want to add to your wall at a later stage? Let us know in the comments.