11 Ways You can Give Your Dog a Luxurious Lifestyle


Dogs are generally happy leading a simple life, but that does not mean you cannot treat your best buddy with a luxurious lifestyle. It is not that tough, and you need to just make simple changes to help give your dog the best luxury lifestyle.

1. Improve Feed Quality of Pet Food:

If your dog is not healthy, it cannot live a nice life. They will have nutrition deficiency and low immunity, which will lead to raised health concerns. Upgrade the quality of their food because it is not just for luxury. It is essential to wish your dog to live a healthy and happy life.

2. Consider a Luxury Food Bowls:

Get luxury dog bowls for your furry friend to experience enjoyable mealtimes. We all know how important is food for your dog, which is why feeding it through a suitable bowl enhances their experience. Like elevated food bowls and anti-skid properties, simple design changes can make their feeding time more enjoyable.

3. Book Spas for Them:

Dogs do not enjoy bath time much, but how about booking a spa where they get massages, hair cut, and other nails clipped along with a bath session? It may take some time for your dog to get used to these sessions, but once the dog relaxes and gets ok with it, it will really start enjoying the session. Massages always feel great, especially for your dog, who is so active.

4. Consider a Luxury Bed:

Once your dog has had all the fun throughout the day, it will want to rest comfortably in a spot. The dog bed you get should be really comfortable. Memory foam bed is always preferable for all age dogs. You should lay down a blanket in winter and a cooling mat during the summers. If your dog finds its bed comfortable, it will not want to climb on your furniture much.

5. Take Them on Adventures:

Taking your pet for walks is ok, but what are you doing beyond that? Dogs love to be in nature which is why you should take a vacation with your dog. Take them on the next adventure with you. Do not forget to include hikes in your itinerary. Nowadays, traveling with dogs has become easier and also there are many pet-friendly places you can stay. My dog loves to travel to new destinations with me in the car. She really does not care for the location as long as she has me beside her. She loves to trek with me and enjoys nature just like a true canine.

6. Give Them Flowing Water:

Most of us use dog bowls to give them water, but stagnant water gets dirty quickly and is not fun to drink. Also, particles start floating in the water after the dog drinks a little water from the bowl. Changing the water every hour is not feasible, so the best solution is to get a flowing water dispenser for the dog. The circulating water is purified continuously, hence the dog gets clean water to drink. Also, the flowing fountain water is enjoyable to drink; therefore, your dog's water intake will increase.

7. Buy Fun Toys:

Your dog deserves the best quality toys that last longer. Many of us buy cheap quality toys for dogs as no toys last very long when giving them to the dog to play with. This is quite true even when you buy expensive toys. My dog is a chewer and chews all types of toys. The ones she cannot chew easily, she gets bored soon. But cheap toys are easier to break, which means the dog will not play with them for a long duration. Such toys also can become a choking hazard. This is why better to buy durable or functional treat-dispensing toys. I have noticed that squeaky toys last longer as my dog's attention diverts to the noise, and she forgets to chew and break the toy.

8. Get Dried Meat Treats:

Instead of the usual dog biscuits, switch the treat to something of more value, such as dried meat. Dogs love meat and consider it the highest value of food. That is why treats made out of dried meat are tasty and healthy, as there are no preservatives and additives.

9. Give Them Their Space:

Create an area in your home that is just meant for your dog. This will be like a small retreat to hide away when they feel threatened or anxious. This will be a small den to hide their toys and bones. It doesn't have to be a whole room; just a tiny section of the room is enough for your dog's hideaway space. Just a word of caution: sometimes, mischievous dogs hide away things like socks or other items they are not supposed to play with. This is why you should keep inspecting the place to ensure that your dog is not hiding anything that could be dangerous to them.

10. Provide Entertainment:

Imagine your pet has nothing to do other than play, eat, poop and sleep. You obviously cannot play with your dog the entire day, which is why they get bored quickly. There are videos created for dog watching which keep them engaged and happy. These exclusive videos can be played on the television to entertain your dog. There are also many audios created to soothe dogs when left alone.

11. Get Them Their Mini Pool:

If you have space in the home and a dog who loves the water, then you should get an inflatable pool for the dog to just cool down during a scorching sunny day. These pools come pretty cheap and are loads of fun, especially for your dog. After use, the best part is that you can easily fold the pool and store it away as it occupies very little space.

The Bottom Line:

Honestly, dogs do not understand the difference between expensive and cheap. They only enjoy spending quality time with you the most. The most luxurious lifestyle for any dog would be to spend maximum time with their owner, whom they adore the most.