3 Important Essentials to Designing a Truly Luxurious Home Interior


When you hear of people talking about luxury home interior design, they are not necessarily talking about investing in expensive construction and materials. They are talking about utilizing resources that are a cut above what is considered the standard choices in most homes. If you want to give your rooms a truly luxurious look and feel, there are three areas that must be considered carefully.


The Quality of the Materials

There are plenty of materials that will comply with local building code standards. While that’s fine, you want something more. The materials chosen for your home must provide something more. You want everything in your home to be of such high quality that it will take decades for anything to wear out. In fact, there must be a better chance of you tiring of those elements rather than needing to replace something that is beginning to look a little worn.

Whether you are talking about the materials used for interior  window shutters in Toronto or the ideal flooring for the room, only go with materials that are durable, hold up well to a lot of use, and provide the space with a rich look. Anything less is not acceptable.


The Selection of Furnishings

The choice of furnishings is also something that must be considered carefully. Scale is one aspect to determine before you start looking at any furniture options. Pieces that are too small will seem lost in the space. Anything that’s too large will make the room feel cramped and unwelcoming. A truly luxurious room only includes pieces that are the perfect size for the room and for the areas within that room they occupy.

You also want to pay close attention to the upholstery. Is it soft to the touch but capable of holding up to a lot of use? If so, you have found the right choice. 

Don’t forget the furniture padding or cushioning. Anyone who sits on an upholstered piece should immediately begin to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Padding that offers proper support and holds up well as the years pass is the only way to go.


The Proper Choices for Window Treatments

Combining the right elements to create window treatments also matters if you want to create a luxury home interior. Draperies or panels must be made of materials with a higher thread count and capable of withstanding fading. Pair them with shades made of textured material that brings out the beauty of the panels and helps to unify them with the rest of the room. If you prefer to go with shutters instead, spend some time looking at the collection of interior window shutters recommended by your decorator. The perfect custom shutters will pick up on the architectural elements of your home and look as if they were part of the original design.