4 Tips on Choosing a Feature Item for Your Bedroom


Designing any bedroom presents many questions and challenges. Just what type of environment would you like to create in the room? Which elements go together, and which ones are best left for other rooms? Since the bedroom is designed primarily for privacy and rest, its natural feel can be a bit different than other parts of the home.

Nevertheless, many people want a bedroom that inspires and feels personalised to their character. Whether it is you or someone else, you want the room to exude a certain feeling when someone enters.

One easy way to help facilitate this ambiance is by selecting the right feature item or focal point for the bedroom. Today, let's look at how you can make the right decision when picking one.

Invest in Your Bed

There is arguably no item more important to the ambiance of your bedroom than the bed itself. Often centred in most rooms, it will be the first thing people notice when entering. With dozens of different bed styles, you have plenty of options to consider when making a unique statement.

Whether you choose a panel bed, sleigh bed or platform bed, investing in an option that is both high-quality and eye-popping will transform the look and feel of the room – not to mention the great sleep you'll get! For an idea of the different bed options available, head over to theplaceforhomesltd.co.uk and peruse their beautiful collection of beds.

Find Your Artistic Centre

All too often, people leave the walls of their bedrooms empty. While this may create a minimalist environment (which can be good for calming the mind before bed), it doesn't do much to bring the focus onto the room's design.

You don't have to hang up a dozen pieces of art to make a statement but scouring local markets and galleries for one or two great pieces can make a huge difference. Whether you choose to frame it above the bed or along a bare wall facing the door, allow your artistic preferences to guide the feel of your bedroom.

Bring in the Light

The difference between a room with great lighting and one without is – literally – night and day. You can completely transform the look, feel and focus of any room with simple lighting changes. Whether you choose to go with natural outdoor lighting or some enhancements in the form of a ceiling fan or chandelier, a beautiful design can instantly be amplified.

Recessed lighting, skylights and even newly-added windows all have the ability to focus lighting on specific elements of the bedroom, helping you to feature whatever elements you prefer.

Make It Reflect on You

Bedrooms are designed to be intimate, private places. You should feel comfortable in your skin, and what better way to enhance natural self-esteem and make the room about you than with a mirror?

Full-length mirrors are just one of the many bedroom mirror options you have to consider. This can help further open up a room and adds functionality as well (no more running to the bathroom to see how you look in an outfit or to do your hair). Mirrors can also be used to reflect key features of any room, helping to further showcase other elements already mentioned here.


Bringing any bedroom to life isn't difficult, but it takes a bit of inspiration and focus. Whether you opt to place the focus on your bed, your walls, you, or something entirely different, there are simple renovations and designs that can make it possible.