5 Great Reasons to Study in Exeter


There are many factors that you need to consider before choosing where to study and where to live for university. Here are just a few reasons on why Exeter is so popular with students and how to make the most out of your student experience.

World Class Study

Your first priority when deciding on where to study is what the university can offer you. The University of Exeter is regarded as one of the top establishments in the world to study as well as being part of the prestigious Russell Group. With thousands of students from across the world, you will get to engage with people from all different backgrounds.

Something for Everyone

A big aspect of student life is having a thriving social scene. Exeter is home to an array of pubs, clubs and bars, each of which has its own unique flair. The city prides itself on its music scene, with many live music spots where you can catch up and coming musicians. There are plenty of popular attractions and activities to do including water sports, ensuring there is always something to do when living in Exeter.

Luxury Accommodation

When you think of student accommodation, it is easy to think of crowded student halls and low budget accommodation. However, there are plenty of luxurious and high-end places to stay such as Almero's accommodation which are student mansions. Almero aim to give students the touch of class they require and provide modern and high-end facilities, ensuring you can stay somewhere in comfort. Picking the best Exeter student accommodation for you can have a significant impact on your overall enjoyment as a student.

Rich History

With so many landmarks and monuments across the city, there is always something new to check out when you are exploring Exeter. Exploring Exeter Cathedral can let you soak up its rich history which dates back to the 11th century. If you are looking for a bit of peace and tranquillity away from the city, visiting Exeter Quayside can enable you to take in the historic buildings situated on the water’s edge. Make sure that you research as much as possible before visiting any monuments, so you can be aware of opening times and entry costs.

Easy Access

Being able to travel to and from Exeter is thanks to the various bus routes and train stations that are in the city. As students come from all over the country, there are many ways to ensure easy and straightforward travel. For those travelling from further afield, Exeter Airport is their point of call, giving students the ability to fly in and out of the city with ease. There are also bus routes that call outside the university, ensuring you can get to your classes with no problems.

If you need more guidance and support to help you make up your mind on whether Exeter is the right city for you, it is recommended that you speak to current students and visit Exeter itself to help give you a clearer and reliable account on what makes it one of the best cities to study in.