5 Interior Design Tips for the Modern Home


Modern design is timeless. Sharp, clean lines and simple design choices are the great starting point; it’s a blank canvas that allows you to include your unique touches. Modern design marries function with beauty. It is not gaudy, but clean and light and airy, and it can absolutely transform your home. Bring in all the benefits of the functionality of modern design into your home, even if that means updating it into this decade. Here are five interior design tips you need to have in your modern home:  

  1. 1.    Focus on Clean Lines

The modern home is a home that is focused on clean, sharp lines. However, this doesn’t mean your furniture must be hard and uncompromising. When fashion is “sharp”, for instance, it means bold, clear designs that make a statement without being too ostentatious. It means having simple, but effective items that bring a room together.

  1. 2.    Use Accent Pieces

Accents draw the eye and act as a focal point for your room. Typically, the accent pieces take shape in the form of furniture, like the couch in the living room, or the bed in the bedroom. This accent piece must stand out from the rest. It can be a bold color or it can be a unique design. Whatever your accents are, use them sparingly. When it comes to modernism in the home, less is more.

  1. 3.    Lighting is Imperative

Lighting is crucial. You want your friends and family to witness the modern home you’ve created. Limiting the amount of light – both artificial and natural – will only make your light and airy modern space, dark and drab. Lighting is what makes the room come alive; it is what highlights the furniture, the accents and the decorations. For the modern look, buy drum pendant lighting. Not only does the shape complement the modern aesthetic, but its focused lighting also means you can make the room dynamic.

  1. 4.    Go Green

What is a modern apartment if it isn’t environmentally conscious? You don’t have to think too hard to incorporate this design tip. Most modern appliances are already energy efficient, meaning that not only are you wasting less, but you're also saving more. The true modern home is one that is conscious of its carbon footprint. Bring in plants that increase in air quality, be energy efficient, and focus on wasting less. The less waste, the cleaner your home will be.

  1. 5.    Keep Clutter Out

Clutter hurts any design. It piles on top of one another, draws the eye from your refurb, and fills it with noise. Clear clutter out and keep it hidden to keep your modern home looking sleek and your space feeling open and welcoming.

Modern design is great because it focuses on the minimal. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and clean lines and bright rooms offer a relaxing oasis away from the world. Modern design is also an incredible backdrop that allows you to add your personal touch on top.