5 Reasons to Go Whale Watching in Australia


Whale season is on its way but, what does that mean for you? Quite simply, you have to get your best adventure gear on, book a trip and head out to enjoy the wonders of the open sea along with seeing these absolutely amazing creatures with your own eyes. Seeing whales in their natural habit really is something you should grab with both hands, include your friends and your family and make a real day of it, here’s what awaits you;

  1. Best choice of bays

Australia is one of the best countries to go whale watching in because, when whales undergo their yearly migration, they head toward the warmer climates near Queensland. This means that you have a choice of bays to go from but the preferred choice for most people is to go from Sydney, because it is one of the most Southern parts of the country you get to see more as they head North.


  1. Become one with nature

When you are out on the open seas on your Sydney whale watching tour there is a feeling that it brings as you breath in the fresh sea air that nothing else can come close to. Seeing the whales is one thing, but what if and, it can be rare, but not unheard of that you could even get the chance to touch a whale, just imagine that, what a feeling!


  1. What a way to spend a sunny day?

The majority of the bays offer cruises. You can start your day by going to the beach and admiring the coastlines. You get to breathe in the sea air, which is likely very different from what you've been doing on a daily basis. It's soothing in so many ways and, you might see some other sea creatures that you would never expect to see.


  1. Get a new found respect for nature

We are all drawn to nature deep down inside, however, due to our often-hectic lifestyles, most people are unable to participate as much as we would like. When you have a long experience with nature, you begin to respect it more. This gratitude humbles you, which has a wide-ranging impact on your daily life.


  1. Affordable and easy to book

Because whale watching is such a sought-after activity you will find that the prices for excursions are actually more reasonable than you thought and if you are going as a group or a family you might be able to get a ‘multi buy’ discount of sorts.


The booking process is super easy with most of the operators, all you have to do is to make a call.