5 Reasons Why Denim Will Always Be in Style


Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a designer out there who doesn’t use denim in their collections? Obviously, you wouldn’t (or probably shouldn’t!) find denim in a high-end wedding collection, but for every other event in life, it seems like denim is always going to be en vogue. In fact, even today’s seaside weddings have seen the bride or groom, or both, in denim, so that’s not out of the question either. But, do you know what makes denim quite as popular as it is and why it will always be in style? Although this is not a complete guide, you will get a fairly good idea of why everyone and their grandparents wear denim clothing.

1. Denim Is Versatile

The one thing about denim is that it can be well-suited to everything from streetwear to trendy fashion wear. You will see jewel-studded outfits worn by the celebrities at major events and you will see denim worn by workers out in the field. It’s all in how you tailor it and accessorize denim that makes the difference, but you won’t find a fabric more versatile than denim. Can you imagine seeing a farm hand working the fields in silk?

2. Denim Wears Well

Another benefit of clothing made from denim is that it wears well. It conforms nicely to the body and although it may stretch out a bit, it will return to shape nicely when laundered! There really isn’t a better fabric that will wear as well and is as strong as denim.

3. Denim Looks Best Faded

How often do you lament having to toss your favorite pants or shirts? They’ve faded beyond recognition and so you have no more use for them. This isn’t the case with denim. In fact, it looks its best when it becomes slightly faded and when you add those shreds and holes which have become so popular in recent years, you’ll be right in style.

4. Denim Is Easy to Care For

As mentioned above, denim is easy to care for. It will go right back into shape when laundered and there are usually no special care instructions. You may want to read up a bit on how to ‘set’ the color in your jeans the first time they are laundered if you don’t want them fading, but that’s about all there is to it.

5. Denim Is Easy to Find

Every designer under the sun from Japan’s famous Kapital to women’s apparel like Gloria Vanderbilt has denim items each season. If you look at Kapital's clothing range, the one thing you will notice is that denim is Kapital’s hallmark. In fact, even the name of this famed Japanese designer is a play on words which stems from the name of the city in which the company is located, Kojima along with the fact that this is the capital of denim fabric worldwide.

So, there you have at least five good reasons to add a few denim items to your wardrobe. Whether for work or play, denim can fit the situation nicely and what’s even better, you’ll look fabulous in it as well.