5 Water Sports You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life


There is a very diverse range of water sports, and what cuts it for you is a matter of individual conscience. However, if you are new to water sports, it may prove quite a task finding the perfect activity for you, particularly given you don’t have much time to test everything in the water sports inventory. Here are five of the most popular water sports in the world to try out as you ease yourself into these activities:

1.    Surfing

Surfing has been around for more than 500 years, and is one of the top water sports. It is similar to wakeboarding in that you slide on the water standing on a board; the difference is that it doesn’t require a towboat. Basically, you use the waves to glide on the water, which may require plenty of balance, technical skills, and experience to execute properly.

2.    Wakeboarding

Compared to most traditional water sports, wakeboarding is harder to learn, but it’s arguably also more enjoyable. It involves being towed by a motorboat while you ride on a floating board called a wakeboard. There are many things you can do to enhance your waterboarding experience. One of them is to equip your boat with a wakeboard tower. Consider getting your tower from a reputable company such as Aerial Wakeboarding for quality units, discounts, guidance, installation, and after-sales services.

3.    Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a product of conventional surfing. It involves standing on a board and holding on to sail using a horizontal bar. To do it, one needs waves and wind, but surfers also need a lot of strength, balance, guts, and endurance as they need to pay attention to both the waves and the wind. That is why you need to train and observe experts before launching yourself into the activity.

4.    Paddle surfing

Paddle surfing is so popular because it is fun, easier to learn, and suitable for people of all ages. Paddle surfers, like wakeboarders, stand on a board and paddle to navigate the waters. It is a less vigorous and more peaceful sport than most of the options on the list, making it perfect for people looking for an entry into water sports.

5.    Canoeing

Canoeing or kayaking is an activity that hasn’t changed much in the hundreds of years of its history. It involves riding on a vessel that accommodates one or more people and using paddles to navigate the water. Its selling points include cost-effectiveness and ease of learning; you basically don’t need prior training to ride a canoe, though experience will always give you the edge over your rivals in a competition. If you are looking for a good activity to engage in as a family or group of friends or colleagues, canoeing is up there with the most recommendable options.


There is nothing you can’t do on the water, but knowing what you want before planning your trip can help you get the most out of your time out. Feel free to research the above activities further, so you know what holds your interest and fits into your budget.