5 Ways To Bring Life to Your Foyer and Impress Your Guests


A large foyer area is a bonus to any home. These expansive front entryways can complement your home's decorating scheme while also giving your guests a great first impression. While painting this area is a great first step, there are plenty of other design elements, like furniture and wall decor, that can create an inviting area for friends and family.


An accent wall could always use a small table or a sizable dresser as a focal point. Wood works great against white or Tuscan yellow walls and draws the eyes. Choose an oblong or round table for a square foyer because the sharper features will balance the room's appearance. Mirrored varieties can bring two concepts into one room and provide a purpose.

Tables are perfect for adding accents like trays or baskets to hold keys or mail. Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase make one feel invigorated and look easy on the eyes when color matching your flowers to your wall. In fact, you should focus on how to coordinate the decorating scheme, finishes, and design of your table with all decorations.

Wall Decor

There are thousands of possible wall decorations that could transform your entryway into a work of art. Decide first if you want to make a focal point or if you desire to dress up the entire area. A large-scale mirror can complement a portion of a small space and also make the room feel bigger. Also, ask if you want to frame your pictures or let them hang free like modern art.

What matters more in art is usually the color, not so much what the art depicts. The painting can be beautiful, but if it doesn't compliment the rest of the house, it will feel out of place. For example, if you have orange accents, you can either stick to orange, choose red or yellow (colors beside orange on the color wheel), or blue (opposite of orange on the color wheel).


I love adding chairs to a foyer because they're elegant, stylish, and offer people a place to sit while they put on their shoes. They can also be a great place to hang coats or books. Place them on the side of the table or dresser or beside the door to keep their utility. It's a good idea to choose chairs with parents to add visual weight to a large space.


Adequate lighting can affect your home's mood and the people who enter it, so it's integral that you choose light fixtures that both add light and drama to the space. Chandeliers truly add drama and elegance to a room because they immediately draw the eye. For a formal appearance, choose crystals. For something more classic, choose electric candles.

If chandeliers aren't your style, or the space doesn't call for one, wall sconces could do the trick. Paired with works of art, sconces can accentuate certain pieces while also adding light. When all else fails, placing a lamp on a table or dresser can add much-needed light after coming home late. Plus, table lamps can harmonize with the scale of the foyer.


Rugs are excellent for large and small foyers because they add color and warmth to the space while also directing the eye to another room in the home. Rugs can be tricky because anything that is either too big or too small will look sloppy. When choosing a rug, be sure you know your foyer's dimension and the style of mat you want before purchasing.