5 Ways to Ensure That Your Home Is Childproofed


When you’ve got little ones at home, you want to do all that you can to keep them safe from harm. A large part of making sure that your home is safe for children is getting the right supplies to childproof your home. By taking the time to buy things like cleaning products and medications that come in child resistant packaging, as well as investing in childproof hardware that you can install in potentially dangerous areas in your home, you can rest assured that your child will remain safe and free from common household accidents. If you want to learn more about how to keep your kids free from harm at home, read on for a list of tips and tricks on how to ensure that your space is childproofed in the best ways possible. 

1.   Buy Products That Come In Child Resistant Packaging

Child resistant packaging are packaging materials like resealable pouches, bags, tins and liquid dispensers that contain locking mechanisms that make it difficult for children to open. It’s incredibly important to ensure that items that you buy that could be dangerous to your children, like prescription medicines, detergents, cannabis products, pesticides, bleaches, and over the counter medications, all come in child resistant packaging. Products like these can be incredibly toxic when accidentally ingested by children, and it’s paramount to make sure that the packaging that they come in isn’t easy for a child to open. In order for an item’s packaging to be child resistant, it should contain things like special zippers with locks on them, push to open lids, and twist to dispense liquid dispensers. By investing in products that come with good child resistant packaging, you’ll be able to keep your little ones safe from ingesting things that could cause them great harm. 

2.   Install Safety Locks on Potentially Dangerous Storage Areas

One thing little kids love to do is explore. However, sometimes that curious instinct can get the better of them, and they can find their way into places that aren’t safe for them to be: like in your cleaning supply closet, or a cabinet where you keep your sharp knives and cutlery. In order to make sure that your child stays out of places where accidents could occur in the home, you’ll want to install childproof safety locks that will keep them from opening doors, cabinets, and closets that are off limits. These types of locks are easy to install where you need them when your kids are little, and just as simple to remove when they get old enough to know where they should and shouldn’t go inside the home. 

3.   Use a Baby Gate to Close Off Areas That Aren’t Safe

Another way to ensure that your little one stays out of places that aren’t safe is to put up baby gates in front of certain doors to rooms that are off limits. For instance, if you have a room in your home that you use as a workshop where you store paints, wood, exacto knives, and other artistic materials that could potentially lead to an accident in a child’s hands, put up a baby gate so that when your little one is running around, they’re not able to get in and explore an area that could pose harm. 

4.   Install a Barrier Around Your Home Pool

If you’ve got a pool in your backyard, you’re going to want to install some sort of barrier around it that keeps your little ones from falling into it accidentally. More often than not, accidents involving children in the pool don’t happen during supervised water play, but when a child accidentally wanders near the pool during outdoor play, and falls in. By installing a fence or other gate-like barrier around the pool with a lock that your child can’t reach, you’ll be able to ensure that they’ll have no water-related accidents at home. 

5.   Anchor TVs and Large Shelves to the Wall

Little kids have a tendency to pull and prod at things when they’re trying to explore their surroundings. While it’s fine if they pull a few books off a shelf, or knock a remote off a table, it can be dangerous if your child tries to move a larger item, or pulls on a large shelf that isn’t stable. As such, it’s essential to anchor TVs and large shelves to your walls so there’s no chance your child can be harmed by them falling over. Anchoring your large items is even more important if you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes. 

In Conclusion

In order to make sure that your home is a happy, safe place for you child to exist in, you’ll want to childproof dangerous areas, and buy products that come in sturdy, child resistant packaging. By doing so, you’re protecting your child from any unwanted accidents that could occur, which is one of the most important things any parent can do.