7 Must-Have Luxury Items for Your Bedroom


You spend a great deal of time in your bedroom, and because you are in there so often, even though you are asleep most of the time, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t go the extra mile to make it the most luxurious you can.

More and more people are realising the benefits of putting thought into the design and décor of their bedroom space and with good reason. A room that creates a feeling of relaxation and aids sleep can only be a good thing for your health and well-being, so it’s well worth taking the time to see what steps you can take to make it more luxurious.

We’ve pieced together seven must-haves in terms of luxury items that you need in your bedroom to make it better than ever! Take a look and see what you can add to create a wonderful and enviable sanctuary…

A little bit about symmetry

Not an item in itself, but you’ll find that many people, in order to get the best from the guidance of Feng Shuai, will use symmetry to create a more alluring, attractive bedroom with the belongings that are in it.

For example, having two bedside tables with two lamps on them, as well as two sets of pillows, you are drawing in healthy, good energy flow to establish not only a pleasant relationship with your room but also a luxurious one too.

Make bed linen a priority

Having some stunning bed linen in the room, won’t just make your room look amazing, it will allow you to enjoy the great feeling it offers too; not to mention that it will also help you to sleep well,sleep experts have discovered.

Possessing the undone look of linen sheets can serve well when teamed with a generous number of pillows and a throw, with both additions aiding the look of luxuriousness.

Speaking of cushions and pillows…

As we just touched on, nothing says luxury like having those plush, well-stuffed pillows in multitude.

Do you have a preference over a flatter pillow when it comes to sleep? If that’s the case, simply place an ottoman with a removable lid, or something similar, that looks just as refined, at the end of the bed to store excess pillows in.

Time to talk curtains

Curtains may seem like an item that any standard room would have, but if you have the right type of curtain fitted then you can transform your space into something much more stand-out and luxurious.

Stylish curtain choices serve to elevate any bedroom space, but that’s not to say you are restricted to curtains alone. Depending on the design of the room, blinds and/or shutters are also on hand to bring the taste levels to a new plateau in your bedroom.

The most important thing to do is make sure they are professionally made to size, and when it comes to the curtains, you might want to think about having an extra metre or two added so that you can adopt a more deluxe look when they are pulled to the side.

Looking into lighting

If you get the lighting wrong in your bedroom, then it can appear low-quality, ruin the ambience and undermine the other luxurious additions you’ve brought in.

What’s more, having the correct kind of lighting will assist you into a peaceful, uninterrupted slumber. Ideally, you want to have some kind of dimming options available, or alternatively, have the main room light off and utilise the softer light of the bedside lamps to create a totally cosy atmosphere.

You can also opt for a statement hanging light, which will give your bedroom that lavish, well-thought look, along with some practicality too.

Your bed is not ‘just’ a bed

In the same way that you can make a house a home, having a bed that goes beyond the mere means of its sole purpose allows you to enjoy heightened levels of luxury and better sleep too!

Having the right size bed in a room can be the difference between a room that is just a bedroom and one that oozes classes and the sought-after luxury.

If you have a large space then it doesn’t have to be taken up with a massive bedframe, but don’t let the room drown out your bed. The same goes for the other way around; don’t over-fill your room with a bed that is too big to allow for anything else to come in and help create a luxury-type setting.

Similarly, with how many lounge spaces have a focal point, such as a window, or a TV, or fish tank, you can use the bed to as the point of focus and then build around it

The finishing touch

Having a comfortable armchair in the room can off-set against the bed give the look of pure luxury in your bedroom as well. Set your sights on something that is elegant but still comfy enough to sit on; after all, you may have found your new reading spot! And lastly, don’t forget to pair the chair with cushions to take the luxury levels up a notch.