7 Things Every Luxury Home Needs


Luxury homes can be understated or scream opulence. It’s all a matter of taste. Celebrities often prefer to own a home with acres of bling, but titled royals are more likely to live in luxurious residences filled with opulent antiques and priceless artifacts. Sadly, we can’t all live in palaces, but what we can do is create a luxurious home. Here are seven things that mark your home out as luxurious. How many does your home have?

Helicopter Pad

Celebrities prefer travelling on private jet or chartering a helicopter when they need to go someplace, so it should come as no surprise that many homes belonging to the rich and famous have their own Heli pad. John Travolta’s home even has a complete runway for his collection of planes.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Millions of homes have swimming pools. In a hot climate, a swimming pool is a middle-class rather than luxury home feature. Indoor pools are, however, a different story, as they cost significantly more to install and require a home with a large square footage. If you want to create a sense of luxury, a splash pool won’t be enough. Instead, have a full-size pool installed, preferably in your iceberg basement.

Car Lift

Why have one car when you can have ten? The more cars you have, the more storage space you will need. Since some of your vehicles will be luxury models and therefore not used so often, it makes sense to store them vertically. A car lift makes any number of cars accessible if you prefer to keep your luxury car collection underground.


Libraries were once a symbol of wealth, as ordinary people couldn’t read, let alone afford to own books. Today, books are freely available to anyone and everyone, but nevertheless, if your home is large enough to have room for a library it’s a nice luxurious touch. You don’t need a library science degree to build a library, but if it is large enough, it is worth hiring someone with a library science masters to curate your literary collection.

A Lake

Most ordinary homes don’t have room for a pool, let alone a lake. A large lake is definitely a symbol of wealth and luxury, especially if you have a pontoon and boat.

Wine Cellar

Fine wine is one of life’s great pleasures. However, fine wines need to be stored correctly, so if you have a large collection of vintage wines, your home will need a temperature-controlled cellar. In any event, it’s a sign of true luxury if you need to send the butler into the wine cellar for extra bottles at your next dinner party.

A Candy Room

Markus Persson, the super wealthy creator of Minecraft, has a candy room in his $70 million home. The candy is worth $50k, so he clearly has a sweet tooth.

If you want to build a luxury home, it’s definitely worth considering the above 7 things.  Can you think of any more?