7 Ways to Unwind in Style for Those Accustomed to the Finer Things


Whether you’re fresh off a plane from abroad or running low on energy from endless business meetings, relaxation is essential. However, for those who enjoy life’s finer pleasures, relaxation can come in a different, more ornate form.

If you prefer to rejuvenate lavishly, read on for some of the most elegant ways to unwind and reinvigorate yourself — mind, body and spirit.

Set the Mood

To set the stage for elegant relaxation, you need to select the right aroma. From candles to room sprays to diffusers and bath and body products alike, Jo Malone London is a brand synonymous with luxury. With scents like pomegranate noir, earl gray and cucumber, red roses or wild bluebell, the scents discern simplicity while mimicking British style, curated by master perfumers and are favorites of the elite.

Champagne Delivered

When you want to relax with a glass of bubbly or celebrate your latest business deal, there’s no need to wait or to stop off to the wine shop. Drizly brings the store to your phone and delivers champagne (and beer, wine, liquor and mixers) right to where you are, when you want it, be it at your home, vacation home or office.

At-home Masseuse

For those in need of a relief from tension, a massage in the comfort of your own home is readily available. Zeel provides same-day, in-home massages for those who prefer to relax in the comfort of their own private space. Offering only the best vetted and licensed massage therapists, Zeel offers single, couples and chair massages alike to fit your preferences.

Get (Another) Assistant

Though you may already have a personal assistant, it never hurts to double up on occasion. The Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has Bixby, which can learn and adapt to your specific preferences. This technology can help with anything from coordinating plans to understanding voice commands. Slated to be a fierce competitor with Siri, Bixby is your very own virtual assistant that allows you to use voice, text or touch to share what you need.

Fine Dining at Home

When you want a lavish meal but don’t wish to be around a crowd of people, consider hiring an at-home chef to prepare your dinner. Hireachef.com lets you choose from a wide variety of experienced chefs and meal plans based on your palate and nutritional needs. Weekly meal plans special event services are also available.

Relaxing Tech

If you suffer from anxiety, sleepless nights or stress, try taking your concerns to the latest technology called Thync. This wearable device is said to relieve people of racing thoughts, tension and even helping them to think more clearly. Smartphone compatible, the device can be customized to your needs at any given moment.

Get Away

When all else fails, taking a trip away from your daily routine may be the solution you’re looking for. Some favorite destinations of celebrities and socialites alike include Maldives, Tahiti and Fiji, just to name a few. From crystal blue waters and soft, sparking sands, to the heights of culinary excellence, a lavish tropical getaway to paradise may be your next best move.

Regardless of how you choose to relax, the very act of relaxing shouldn’t be any different than the way you live your life, especially when it comes to living a life of luxury.