8 Unique Gifts for College Students Who Have Everything


Buying a gift for someone is never easy, no matter how well you might know them. College students can be particularly challenging since they often live in dorms or bunk with roommates in apartments and manage their own lives.

How can you know what a college student who seemingly has everything might want as a gift? Let’s take a look at some unique, out-of-the-box ideas which will inspire you to get that perfect gift for your college student more easily.

  1. Multi-Purpose Portable Charger
    You never know when you might need to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other digital devices on the go – the same applies to college students. Giving them a gift of a good portable charger with multiple cable extensions can brighten their day, and they will always associate it with you. If you know which brands they prefer to use, all the better - you can get a portable charger of the same brand to match.

  2. Bullet Journal or Planner
    If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that students spend a lot of time writing and planning their time in college. That’s why gifting them a quality bullet journal or a Moleskine planner can work wonders in your favor. They can combine these notebooks with the best websites to write essays with to make their paper writing and college projects smoother. Writing a message, quote, or a significant date into it will make it unique to them.

  3. Smartphone Photo Printer
    College students tend to travel with their colleagues or friends during off time. Having a solid portable printer that they can use via their smartphone is always welcome. This is a very practical, creative, and memorable gift that any college student will be fond of. You can also get them a pack of photo papers to get them started.

  4. Noise-Canceling Headphones
    Spending time at the college library or somewhere on campus studying is an integral part of being a student. Noise-canceling headphones such as Apple’s Air Pods can be extremely useful to your college student. You can find a plethora of minimalistic, convenient noise-canceling headphones for Android and iOS on the market. Go with the one which best matches your student’s personality.

  5. Eyeglasses with a Blue-Light Filter
    Another must for any student is eye protection, given how much time they spend writing and editing their college papers. Coupled with WritingUniverse  as a reliable platform with free essay samples, your student will have a much easier time writing with blue-light filter eyeglasses. Blue-light filter eyeglasses can often seem like an afterthought for many students but not for you – you can gift them a very useful, protective item.

  6. Portable Projector
    While students do spend a lot of time on their classes and projects, they also tend to relax and spend time with friends on campus. Gifting them a small portable projector can make them stand out among their friends and get them invited to parties and movie nights regularly. Likewise, a portable projector can help them during classes, in cases of emergency, or during project presentations – it’s a multipurpose gift worth considering.

  7. Set of Quality Calligraphy Pens
    For a student to take notes reliably during class or to plan their time effectively, they need comfortable pens to work with. Getting a set of high-quality calligraphy pens as a gift can be extremely helpful for your student, no matter what their major is. You can go for monochrome pens with different-sized tips or a multicolored set.

  8. Reliable Weighted Blanket
    Lastly, a good night’s sleep is something every student needs to keep being productive. Weighted blankets are comfy, relieve stress, and can significantly improve your student’s quality of sleep. This, in turn, can make them inseparable from the blanket and grateful to you for considering such a unique gift. Weighted blankets come in a variety of designs, so take your time and choose the perfect one.

Getting Started with your College Student Gifts
Before you jump into buying gifts for your college student, you should have a chat with them about their wishes or daily life needs. Your unique gift idea may come from them, so don’t mention gifts at all and have a small talk if you get an opportunity. Otherwise, any of the above-mentioned gifts will do great. So, start planning on how and when you’ll gift them to your college student soon.

Bio: Elizabeth Baldridge is a content writing specialist, editor, and copywriter with in-depth expertise in the digital publishing industry. Elizabeth is a dedicated writer with a passion for writing well-researched articles, how-to guides, and reports for a variety of outlets. She is also a blogger, musician, and vegan chef to her friends in her spare time.