A Definitive Guide to Moving into Your Dream Home


It will have taken much time, effort, and money to finally secure your dream home. You will, therefore, want to make the move as easy as possible, so you can simply enjoy the experience from day one of living at your new address. Read the following informative tips on moving into your dream home.

Explore the Neighborhood

Before you sign a mortgage agreement, explore your new neighborhood to ensure you’re 100% happy it is the right location for you and your family. Visit the area at different points in the day and during the weekend, so you will feel excited to move into your new address. You could even introduce yourself to your neighbors prior to moving in, which will allow you to feel immediately part of the neighborhood once moving day arrives.

Check Essential Repairs

You will want to ensure your dream home is as perfect as you remember once you move. Avoid any nasty surprises by taking a final walk through the property before you commit to a purchase. This will ensure all essential repairs have been made before you officially move in.

Change Your Address

Once the wheels are in motion for moving into your new address, you must file a change of address form with the Post Office, which will ensure all your mail is redirected to your new home from moving day. It is advisable to do so before you move into your new home to avoid important mail being sent to your old address, which could result in missed or delayed payments for bills.

You will also need to update your address for your driver’s license, credit card companies, insurance providers, magazine subscriptions, voter registrations and, most importantly, your utilities – which you will want up and running as soon as move in.

Write a Packing List

You’ll want to make your house a home as soon as you receive the keys to your new property. To make the process as smooth as possible, write a packing list before you start adding your belongings into boxes. Number or color-code your boxes, which should correlate to different rooms within your new home. This will allow you and the movers to simply place the boxes in the corresponding room, which can help you to stay organized.

You could also write a list of belongings within each box, so you can quickly find an item you need once you move in. For instance, you can look inside your kitchen boxes to find a kettle, so you can make a hot cup of tea or coffee once you arrive at your new property.

Pack Early

Packing can take a considerable amount of time, so start the task as soon as the moving date has been confirmed. You will need to acquire many sturdy, large moving boxes for a hassle-free experience. The sooner you start, the less stress you will experience as moving day approaches.

Declutter Your Belongings

There is no point moving items you have no plans to use once you move into your new home, which will only cause more work for you and will take up space within your dream property. You must be a little brutal when decluttering your belongings. If you haven’t used the item in a year, throw it away, donate it or sell it. You’ll be glad you did once moving day arrives, as it will save time when moving and will free up space at your address.

Book a Dependable Moving Company

Once the moving date has been confirmed, you must arrange for a professional moving company to pack, transport, and unpack your furniture and belongings to your dream home come. A dependable Atlanta moving company easily transport your goods either around the corner or around the world. You can, therefore, trust your precious items will be transported securely and will arrive safely to your new address.

Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

You will most likely want to immediately make your new house your home once you move in. For this reason, you might be eager to remove all traces of the previous owner, so you and your family can feel comfortable at your new address. It would, therefore, be wise to stock up on various cleaning supplies before you move in, so you can quickly clean your kitchen cabinets, windows, carpets, hardwood flooring, and the oven. As a result, your home will both look and feel fresh, which will make you feel right at home.

Take Photographs

Are you unsure how to plug in the wires at the back of your television or other electrical items? All you need to do is take photographs of how they are set-up before you make a move to easily power up your technologies once you move in. So, you will not need to spend the whole day fiddling with wires and can instead start making improvements to your property.

Create an Inventory

Creating an inventory will ensure nothing is lost during the move. For example, the last thing you will want is for Christmas to arrive only to realize you left the tree and box of decorations in the attic at your old address. An inventory of all your belongings will ensure every item you own will be moved with you, which you can tick off your list one at a time as they arrive at your new home.

Enjoy the Experience

Moving home is bound to be a little stressful, but it will also be one of the most exciting moments in your life. Don’t allow the stress to ruin the experience for you and simply try to enjoy the process. Receiving the keys to your dream home will be a new beginning for you, so don’t take the moment for granted. It will have taken a lot of time and effort to have signed on the dotted line, so be proud of your achievements that have helped make your dream home a reality.